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Record and share Video PDF presentations and documents and WOW your prospects and clients with the most personal customer experience.

Some of the most ambitious sales teams are recording Video PDF presentations and documents using DeckLinks.

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Built for the most customer-centric sales teams

Engage prospects

Shorten the sales cycle

Reach more potential clients with less effort in a more personalized way. Identify the most engaged prospects and prioritize deals.

Engage clients

Increase customer retention

Provide the best post-sale experience for new clients. Ensure they have everything they need to get started and achieve their goals.

Engage strategic accounts

Increase average account size

Build relationships and trust with stakeholders from strategic accounts. Deliver value in every interaction and keep your clients up to date on new offerings.

Have better visibility

Help your sales team succeed

Identify the most effective video sales strategies. Implement the most successful practices and improve the performance of the entire sales team.

Measure content engagement

Improve sales materials

Measure the effectiveness and impact of your sales content. Provide your sales team with the most effective and up-to-date sales materials.

Present any time, anywhere with Video PDFs.

Always stay in control of your sales process

Don’t let your message get lost in translation. Equip your product champions with video-narrated PDF presentations and documents, that can be easily shared with all of the decision-makers.

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Create Video PDFs
in 3 steps

Create professional-looking video PDF presentations and documents without having to spend hours in video editing software or trying to make screen recordings look good.

Upload video presentations
1. Upload a PDF file

Use any existing PDF. All hyperlinks in your Video PDF will remain clickable!

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2. Record video narration

‘Speaker notes’ and ‘Slide redo’ features make it easy to record a video narration.

3. Share trackable link

Make changes even after sharing a link. Swap a slide, no need to rerecord video!

Video narrations

Show your personality and expertise

Upload your PDF presentation or document and press record. Make changes to your presentation slides or video narration even after sharing your Video PDF link!

Data rooms

Share documents in built-in data rooms

Attach any files to your video PDF presentation or document. Make it easy for prospects and clients to find the information quickly.


Access video PDF analytics

Identify the most engaged prospects and clients. Know when and how to follow-up. Strategically prepare for meetings. Measure the impact of your external and internal communication programs.

video presentations engagement analytics

Where sales and marketing teams shoot for the Moon

See what those who landed among the stars say.

Create more human interactions.

Win more deals.

Start using video for sales today!

Move deals forward with Video PDF presentations and documents.


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