10x client engagement with video presentations

Whether you are sending B2B sales and marketing presentations or sharing updates, video narrated presentations help you maintain human connection and deliver the most personal experience at scale.

Share content the human way, at scale.

Stand out and show your personality with video narrated presentations.
Share in a single link or embed on a webpage.

Upload presentation

1. Upload

Use any existing PDFs. All hyperlinks in your presentation will remain clickable!


2. Narrate

'Speaker notes' and 'Slide redo' features make it easy to record a video narration.

Share deck link

3. Share

Make changes even after sharing a link. Swap a slide, no need to rerecord video!

Don't let your message get lost in translation

Equip your product champion with a prerecorded video presentation that can be easily shared with the decision-makers.

Video narrations

Establish a strong
human connection

Upload your presentation and press record! Make changes to your slides or narration even after sharing your deck link.

No installations, no browser extensions required πŸ‘

Built-in data rooms

Share documents
in a single link

Attach any documents to your video presentation. Make it easy for recipients to find the right information quickly. Update files even after sharing your link.

Engagement analytics

Make data driven decisions

Identify the most engaged prospects and clients. Strategically prepare for upcoming meetings. Measure the impact of your external and internal communication programs.

Engagement analytics

DeckLinks integrates with your CRMs!

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Video improves revenue growth by up to 49% when compared to companies that don’t use video.
A positive experience from a customer with a video can increase purchase intent by 97%.

Create more human interactions. Win more deals.

Start sharing personalized and engaging video presentations today!


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In this high-intensity mini game, B2B sales leaders and influencers get to answer 20 questions in 2 minutes.

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