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Ep.12 – Duane Dufault – How did you get here – Podcast by DeckLinks

Hosted by Adam Casole-Buchanan, Director Of Partnerships at DeckLinks

Ep.12 - Duane Dufault - How did you get here - Podcast by DeckLinks

To learn how to develop pipeline that accounts for both sales and activity funnels, check out Duane’s process in The Metric Manager Playbook.

Duane has spent the last decade of his life in sales. In those 10 years, Duane’s been able to grow revenues by upwards of 300%. Build sales teams from scratch. Develop partnerships from zero to many, that are responsible for 25% of total revenue.

Duane has sold everything from door to door printers, insurance, toilets, to enterprise software into the C Suite. Duane have run sales teams of 100 reps and been the head of sales for a team of 1. He’s had just about every possible title in sales.

Duane was able to scale a Saas business to an acquisition of $350 million in 3.5 years

“I don’t believe there is one answer for everything, or one company is the same as another. Everything we must do for growth, requires something unique.”

What Duane enjoys in business:

–Scale, develop, and or optimize top down sales programs
–Define partner programs and coach companies to scale
–Help you find your internal leader to help expand your influence.

Duane loves developing people and processes. People first, process second.

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