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Create a deeper connection with buyers earlier in the sales pipeline and accelerate the buyer's journey with video sales decks.

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Turn static presentations into engaging video portals!

Whether you are sending sales presentations, sharing updates, or fundraising,
DeckLinks empowers you and your team to deliver a more personal buying experience.

Video narrations

Establish a strong
human connection

Add talk track video narrations to your existing presentations. Explain even the most complex ideas with ease and accelerate the sales cycle.

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Sales decks and Presentations

External links

Any supporting documents


Compressed files

Data rooms

Share documents
in a single link

Update files even after sharing a link. Make it easy for the buyers to find the right information quickly.


Qualify leads and
prioritize deals

Identify the most engaged prospects and start more conversations with relevant follow-ups. Strategically prepare for upcoming meetings.

Engagement analytics
Video improves revenue growth by up to 49% when compared to companies that don’t use video.
A positive experience from a customer with a video can increase purchase intent by 97%.

Grow your business in a remote world

Start sharing personalized and interactive video sales decks and presentations.

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