Gauge interest and close deals faster

DeckLinks analyses how your prospects engage with your sales decks and captures powerful analytics

Supercharge your sales decks

Get insights into what’s working and what’s not, easily communicate complex ideas, and create personalized experiences for prospects and clients.

Sales decks analytics

Identify content that resonates, gauge interest, prioritize opportunities and close deals faster than ever.

Interactive modules

Customize your sales decks with a suite of interactive tools. From videos explaining your pricing breakdown, to adding a talk-track over complex parts of your presentation, set yourself apart with personalized comms.

Tailored company profiles

Set up and share unique company profiles containing info-packages relevant to different types of clients. Company profiles can be shared and tracked independently of sales decks.

Secure doc sharing

Set up permissions (email or domain verification) or add a password and securely share decks and files with your clients and prospects.

Content management

Locate relevant sales content fast and easy. DeckLinks dramatically reduces the time sales reps spend searching for the right content.

Identify content that resonates

Start more conversations with relevant follow-ups built on actionable insights. Our engagement scores will help you prioritize your time so you can focus on the right deals.

Stand out with tailored company profiles

Add unique offerings and case studies to your company profile to create more concise and persuasive decks.

Make every slide a conversation

Share interactive proposals and files. Receive instant feedback and get more personal with audio and video.

How DeckLinks works

Securely share your sales decks in 4 easy steps

1. Upload your deck

Upload your sales deck. Attach any files or links.

2. Select profile

Select your company profile tailored to the client.

3. Add modules

Add engaging modules like flowcharts, audio/video etc.

4. Share via trackable link

Share deck link with real-time controls and analytics.

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