Supercharge Your PDFs. Send Engaging Presentations. Sales Decks. Training Content. Proposals. Client Updates. Pitch Decks.

Enhance your PDFs with video narrations, call-to-action buttons, and content rooms. Share live links with real-time controls and access engagement analytics.

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Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDFs when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any files and make it easy for recipients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and different info-packages.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by the viewers.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive viewers to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics See how people interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect viewers feedback. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

Some of the most ambitious teams are using DeckLinks to share PDF documents and presentations

Adadot using video PDFs
Pocketed using video PDFs
Wattpad using video PDFs
Opnbx using video PDFs
Troopster using video PDFs
Overlapp using video PDFs

Sharing PDFs without DeckLinks

Sharing PDFs with DeckLinks

Can’t track engagement. Get notified and see how recipients interact with your PDFs: view time per slide, clicks, downloads, etc.
Cannot control access. Stay in control by sharing a live link. Set a password. Turn off access at any time.
Static PDFs are not engaging. Make PDFs more personal and engaging with video narrations.
Content can be misinterpreted. Maximize information clarity and retention with video narrations.
Cannot be updated once shared. Update your PDF even after sharing the live link. Ensure everyone has the latest version.
Limited multimedia capabilities. Add video files, screen recordings or YouTube videos.
Can’t add dynamic CTAs. Add custom CTAs to provide clear next steps and drive action.

Create a deck link in 3 easy steps

Easily share engaging presentations with supporting documents and gain actionable viewer insights.

Upload PDF presentation or document
1. Upload a PDF file

Use any existing PDF presentation or a PDF document that you need to share.

Record video PDF and attach files
2. Supercharge (optional)

Add video narration, data room, company profile, CTA button, etc.

Share trackable PDF link
3. Share trackable link

Access engagement analytics. Make changes even after sharing your link.


Win clients for life

Reach more potential clients with less effort in a more personalized way. Identify the most engaged prospects and prioritize deals.

Video PDF for B2B Sales

Amplify ABM impact

Measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing content. Make it easy for your sales team to access high impact and up-to-date sales collateral.

Video PDFs for Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate learning

Elevate your onboarding and training experience with engaging video content, seamless document sharing, and analytics.

Video PDF for B2B Training

Revitalize corporate comms

Share important updates, announcements, and insights internally and externally. Boost team engagement and foster a unified organization.

Video PDF for corporate communications

4x PDF engagement

Upload your PDF presentation or document and press record. Use teleprompter to record longer Video PDFs.


Reduce back and forth by over 50%

Share documents in a single live link. Attach any files to your PDF. Make it easy for the recipients to find the right information quickly.

Share files in the best virtual data rooms

Access PDF engagement analytics

Identify the most engaged viewers and understand how they interact with your presentations. Measure effectiveness and optimize your content.

Document tracking analytics dashboard DeckLinks
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“Seriously cool product! Very excited to see it integrated with HubSpot.”

Scott Brinker
VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot

Share engaging PDFs

Captivate viewers with personalized experiences and access real-time PDF engagement analytics.

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