Improve training.
Foster culture.

Captivate employees with video-narrated content and streamline HR operations. Use engagement analytics and drive action with custom CTAs.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate onboarding or training materials when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for employees or job candidates to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different use cases.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by employees or job candidates.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive employees or job candidates to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how employees or job candidates interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from employees or job candidates. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

Adadot using video PDFs
Pocketed using video PDFs
Wattpad using video PDFs
Opnbx using video PDFs
Troopster using video PDFs
Overlapp using video PDFs

Accelerate learning

Use video-narrated PDFs to develop comprehensive and interactive training resources. Simplify complex concepts, promote skill development, and foster continuous learning for your workforce.

HR manager recording video PDF

Welcome new talent

Provide new hires with essential information about your company, culture, and policies. Deliver personalized experiences and make new employees feel welcome and supported.

HR manager recording video PDF

Streamline access

Effortlessly consolidate and distribute essential HR materials. Enhance productivity and improve the employee experience by providing streamlined access to crucial information on demand.

HR manager recording video PDF

Increase productivity

Encourage employee involvement by incorporating custom call-to-action buttons in HR content. Inspire participation in company initiatives for a more engaged and productive workforce.

HR manager recording video PDF

4x sales content engagement

Elevate HR content engagement. Upload your PDF presentation and press record. Make changes even after sharing your Video PDF link!


Reduce back and forth by over 50%

Share HR content in a single live link. Organize and update materials with ease, ensure everyone has access to the latest files.

Share files in the best virtual data rooms

Access engagement analytics

Leverage granular analytics and discover opportunities for improvements in materials utilization. Tailor your strategies to cultivate a more connected and inspired workforce.

Document tracking analytics dashboard DeckLinks
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“With DeckLinks, you can create video PDFs and WOW your prospects without having to spend hours in video editing software or trying to make screen recordings look good. Super cool!”

Tricia (Grabfelder) Lucas
Recruiter, RIM Recruitment Professionals

Make employees
feel more valued

Elevate your organization with enhanced employee experiences and streamlined HR processes.

Used by teams of all sizes

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