Video PDF presentation examples

Watch some of the best video PDF presentation examples created by our users. Get video PDF presentation ideas that will grab people’s attention and keep your target audience hooked from beginning to end.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDFs when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any files and make it easy for recipients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and different info-packages.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by the viewers.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive viewers to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how people interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect viewers feedback. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

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Types of video presentations

Watch these stunning video PDF presentations created by some of our users using DeckLinks – the online video PDF maker. Get inspired by some of the video presentation ideas and start making video presentations that will keep your audience’s attention right from the start.

Sales rep recording video PDF

Video presentation for
B2B Sales

Never lose control of the sales process. Equip your product champion or a gatekeeper with a presentation video that can be shared with the decision-makers. Don’t let your message get lost in translation.

Video presentation for

Take your video marketing to the next level. Share videos, capture emails, and identify sales content that resonates with your target audience. Ensure your sales team always have access to the most effective video content.

Video presentation for
Customer Success

Build customer loyalty and reduce churn. Create videos that will keep your audience engaged. Maintain great customer experience. Educate your clients about new products and offerings. Expand average account size.

Video presentation for
Media Sales

Get in front of the media buyers early in the planning stage. Create presentation videos showcasing your offerings that can be shared with all decision-makers. Gauge interest with video analytics and focus on the right deals.

Video presentation for
Real Estate

Leverage video technology to effectively showcase a property. Embed presentation videos on your website or a landing page showcasing it as if you were on a video call. Securely share documents and presentations in a data room.

Video presentation for

Create the best onboarding experience for new clients. Onboarding doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Record explainer videos, and attach any additional training materials in a data room. Measure your success.

Video presentation for
Prof. Services

Position yourself as a valuable resource and advisor. Stand out from the crowd. Build lasting relationships with your clients by providing them with recommendations and insights using presentation videos.

Video presentation for

Educate your customers. Record an educational webinar or an event presentation. Make your video available on demand. Collect leads, monitor audience participation, and improve content with video analytics.

Video presentation for
Nonprofits and Charities

Build trust and long-term relationships with donors. Create videos, share your mission and values, and connect with the donors on a human level. Make it easy for the donors to give by including a ‘Donate’ button on your video.

Video presentation ideas

Our users always come up with very creative video presentation ideas and video presentation tips! Here’s just a few of them.

Link your video presentation to an NFC business card.

Add video presentation to NFC business card

One of the best ways to land a big client is by impressing them with creativity and professionalism.

A great way to do this is by adding a link to your video presentation on an NFC business card.

This way, when you meet with the client in person, you can show them the “magic trick” of tapping their phone on the card and having your video start playing!

This will not only impress them, but it will also make it easy for you to share your presentation video with them.

It is also a great conversation starter! It also can be used to quickly share your presentation videos at conferences. So if you’re looking for a way to make a lasting impression at conferences and in-person meetings, consider linking your video presentation to an NFC business card!

NFC business cards are pretty cheap and you can even customize them just like a regular business card.

With this simple trick, you can make a big impression on a potential client and increase your chances of landing new business!

TIP: DeckLinks automatically adds a “Contact” button to your presentation videos, so your viewers always have easy access to your contact information.

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Add a short video presentation to your LinkedIn profile.

B2B sales are tough! You want to build relationships with potential customers, but you also don’t want to come across as too pushy. One way to strike the perfect balance is to add a link to your video presentation on your LinkedIn profile.

Try to engage with a prospect by liking, resharing, or commenting on their posts. People generally look at other people’s profiles when they see someone they don’t know engaging with their posts.

By having a link to your presentation video on your LinkedIn profile you can introduce your product or service without putting pressure on the person, and they can view the video whenever it is convenient for them. If they find your message compelling, they’ll contact you.

TIP: With DeckLinks you can add custom Call-to-Action buttons to your presentation videos, like ‘Book a call’ or ‘Schedule a demo’ which can be linked to your calendar, webpage, sign-up form, etc.

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Include a QR code on your gift packaging or greeting card that links to your presentation videos.

Add QR code with your video presentation to a greeting card

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular among businesses looking to enhance customer engagement. By adding a QR code to gift packaging or greeting cards, you can give your prospects a chance to watch your video presentation on their own time and at their own pace.

This is a great way to keep your brand top of mind, and it also allows you to track who is watching your video and when. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your company, and it can help you stand out from the competition!

If you’re searching for a creative approach to boost the effectiveness of your offline marketing campaign and measure its success, consider including a QR code on your gift packaging or greeting card that links to your presentation videos.

You can link all types of video presentations to gifts and greeting cards. Have fun, get creative, surprise your prospects and clients, and leave a lasting impression!

HINT: If you were wondering, the QR code on the greeting card above does work!

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Video presentation tips and video presentation ideas from Duane Dufault

Duane Dufault - B2B SaaS Sales Leader


The knee-jerk reaction for a lot of B2B marketers is to make generic powerpoint slides that are accessible on the website. Or create some type of automation for a lead flow follow-up inside of a CRM.

One of the things that you really want is to make sure that you have something that is scalable.

Means you’ve got a powerpoint presentation that you can reuse. But you want to make sure that when you or your sales team are sending out your presentation videos to prospective customers that you’re putting a custom video narration on each one of those presentations.

Try to make a video presentation that is two to three minutes long.

That way it will be easy for you to record and send multiples. Moreover, shorter presentation videos will keep your target audience engaged until the end.

You really want to make sure that the message you’re saying in your presentation video is specific to the client.

So that way you say their name, you say their business, or maybe reference something you see on their LinkedIn or that you’ve dealt with them in the past.

If you’ve already had a conversation with them and this is a follow-up, make sure that the narration is specific to them.

You can repurpose your powerpoint presentation itself inside of DeckLinks as often as possible, that’s totally fine! But you want to make sure that your presentation video is talking directly to that prospect.

When they hear their names, when they hear their business name, or specific things that you have talked about, the likelihood of them clicking that CTA at the end of your presentation video triples or quadruples.

Because then when they hear their name in a presentation video their subconscious picks up on it and all of a sudden it’s a priority and they’re paying attention!

Just like when you’re leaving a voicemail.

So when you have the opportunity to mention their names in your presentation videos always take advantage of that.

You never want to automate human interactions, you want to make them feel like you care and you listen to them.

So any opportunity you have to add that to your follow-ups or your outreach – I highly recommend it!

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