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DeckLinks is an asynchronous video presentation maker that enables Virtual Sales and Marketing Teams stay in control of the sales process and shorten the sales cycle.

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Make {b2b_sales} more human

Kevin MacPhee
Kevin MacPhee - Co-founder
Lidia Vijga
Lidia Vijga - Co-founder
Ravil Muldagaliyev
Ravil Muldagaliyev - Co-founder

We started DeckLinks because we believe that sales teams are the heartbeat of companies and our goal is to build tools that enhance sales talent instead of automating it.

We believe that personal qualities outrank everything else. Kindness, empathy and willingness to understand others can go a long way, and sales professionals that show their human side close more deals.

With DeckLinks we want to empower sales teams to provide the most personal buying experience, become trusted advisors for their customers and connect with buyers on the human level.

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Our 10% Give Back Initiative

We believe in sharing our knowledge and expertise in an effort to accelerate the innovations and improvement goals of others.

This philosophy has materialized into one of our core initiatives; a 10% Give-Back Policy. Since we had support from other startups in our early days, we are huge proponents of supporting startups now, and giving back to the startup community. The policy is simple: our team members are encouraged to use upwards of 10% of their time to help other startups by providing insights on UX feedback, ease of use, product, QA testing or using DeckLinks’ resources to help them achieve their business goals.
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Sales rep prospecting

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