Document tracking for startup founders

Gain insights to understand what hooks investors and clients, and refine your pitch to perfection.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate any PDF documents or presentations when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Content rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different use cases.

Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

Adadot using video PDFs
Pocketed using video PDFs
Wattpad using video PDFs
Opnbx using video PDFs
Troopster using video PDFs
Overlapp using video PDFs

Identify hottest leads

Pinpoint which leads are truly engaged by seeing who viewed your deck, how long they spent on each slide, and more.

Business professional using document tracking system

Track pitch deck engagement

See what slides captivate your audience and which ones fall flat. Easily identify hot leads and refine your pitch or sales deck.

Document tracking analytics dashboard DeckLinks

Always the latest content

Share your pitch decks and any attachments via a single live link. Update your pitch deck once and it’s instantly updated everywhere.

Share files in the best virtual data rooms

Establish an emotional bond

Record video narrations for your pitch decks or sales decks. Use teleprompter to practice your pitch. Get feedback.

Elevate your pitch game

Stop leaving money on the table with pitches that fail to sell your vision. Elevate your startup’s pitch game and start closing bigger rounds and deals, faster.

Used by teams of all sizes

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