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DeckLinks Partners with Pocketed to Help Canadian Small Businesses Find Funding Opportunities and Win Business

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Growing your small business or startup is a challenge that every founder faces. The ability to balance inventory, meeting demand or get product off the shelf can sometimes seem out of your reach – like the only thing holding your business back from hitting that next sales goal is an injection of cash or premium leads.

To help your company cross the threshold into whatever the next stage may be, it takes a ton of hard work, money and strategic partnerships to earn more customers and improve every facet of your business. Whether it’s funding or customers you’re looking to gain, every owner needs a lead to find them – and our team at DeckLinks has two for you.

DeckLinks x Pocketed: Better Sales Decks and Free Grant Funding

DeckLinks has partnered with Pocketed, whose incredible team of grant-sourcing specialists is working hard to find every government funding opportunity for Canadian small businesses. Meanwhile, our team at DeckLinks is passionate about helping those same businesses improve their sales deck experiences for their clients. Together, we are excited to offer both of these solutions to small business owners, enabling them to grow their businesses on multiple fronts.

This partnership represents a powerful and affordable start to any small business’s tech stack. Business owners and startup founders can leverage the advanced analytics that DeckLinks offers to understand and improve the interactions that investors have with their pitch decks. Simultaneously, they can be actively applying for Canadian grants that will provide non-dilutive (free!) funding for businesses thanks to Pocketed.

This gives founders the best of both worlds: access to non-dilutive funding that can help a business grow where it needs, and an improved chance at winning investor funding that can be the catalyst for scaling up. The only capital that’s as cheap as grants is revenue – that’s why Pocketed and DeckLinks are the two most effective tools a founder can use to fund their business.

What’s Possible with Pocketed

Pocketed helps thousands of start-ups and SMEs easily access billions in non-dilutive funds with their intelligent matching platform and marketplace for grant funding.

Pocketed makes accessing Canadian small business grants and tax incentives easier than ever. Based on your business’s profile, Pocketed automatically generates a free list of eligible non-dilutive funding programs. Then, you can connect with the right service providers (grant writers, legal teams, and more) to increase your success rate and get faster access to cash!

Learn more about what’s possible with Pocketed.

What’s Possible with DeckLinks?

DeckLinks is the perfect complement to Pocketed, because founders looking for non-dilutive startup business grants can also pursue dilutive funding from investors using DeckLinks.

DeckLinks lets you share personalized presentations with a single link and then capture data on all of the ways that your clients interact with them. This makes it an ideal tool for improving client interactions of all sorts, including how you share sales decks with customers for product demos or pitch investors for business funding for startups.

Learn more about how DeckLinks works.

Perks of the Partnership

DeckLinks customers can enjoy Pocketed platform for free, as well as access one free grant consultation session and 25% off the premium Pocketed+, for advanced grant filters and notifications. To learn more about what Pocketed can offer you, visit our official partnership page on Pocketed’s website. If you’re ready to find your first small business starter grant or other Canada startup funding, you can get started with Pocketed today!

Pocketed+ members can also get 30% off the DeckLinks Business Plan. That means unlimited decks and links, audio and video presentations, Salesforce integrations and so much more. Start sharing your DeckLinks now!

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