Complete Guide to LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors

Andrew Jenkins

Table of Contents

LinkedIn, in collaboration with Cogent Research found that investors, especially those with $100,000 to $1 million in assets, increasingly use social media channels for selecting financial advisors. Nearly 90% of these affluent individuals engage actively with financial firms, with 44% interacting through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Talk about a massive opportunity staring financial advisors in the face! Without a robust LinkedIn marketing strategy, financial advisors practically surrender prime prospects to competitors, better meeting them where they search. Thankfully it’s not too late to capture this highly engaged, hyper-specialized audience embracing content and community. You simply need the blueprint for succeeding on LinkedIn as a financial advisor – which my LinkedIn marketing guide provides from top to bottom.


  • Put your best foot forward with a buyer-centric LinkedIn profile that includes a professional headshot and a headline that shows who you help, how you help and some sense of your expertise, such as certifications. A banner image that is not the default banner also helps your profile stand out.
  • Tap existing contacts. Sync devices uncovering long-lost connections chilling on LinkedIn. Shoot them invites jarring memories of your awesomeness. They’ll eagerly reconnect once reminded of everything you brought to the table.
  • Resist soulless template spam. Craft customized messages hitting their unique obstacles, then highlight your specialized solutions. This tailored trust-building wins where tone-deaf outreach tanks. Show you inherently get their world, and the meetings will come running.
  • Referrals, referrals, referrals! Inspect mutual connections linking you to prospects. Then request warm intros with familiars vouching for your economic edification excellence. Shared trust provides shortcuts to expedited client conversions.
  • Lead with audience dilemmas, not sales spiels. Offer concrete solutions to nighttime niche nuisances. Weave relatable stories proving real-world impact so your counsel seems credible. Make readers think, “This financial advisor gets me!”
  • Concisely convey your unique value proposition and niche know-how. Share impressive achievements and vibrant stories showing unmatched results. Use vivid language highlighting credentials to compel visitors to click “see more” for your glorious greatest hits.
  • Boost LinkedIn posts already earning engagement. Splurge on sponsored content presented before 10x more niche eyeballs. Simultaneously, run targeted advertisements sending clicks to relevant landing pages.
  • Most financial advisors only post to connections. But advertising targets over a billion users, drilling into niche segments and pushing message feeds. This removes the guesswork, so you engage only qualified prospects first. Killer targeting precision is why you gotta advertise on LinkedIn!

What is LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors?

LinkedIn marketing for financial advisors is a strategic use of the professional networking platform to connect with potential clients, showcase expertise, and implement financial advisor marketing strategies to generate leads and build strong relationships with niche audience.

Goal Steps Tips
Optimize LinkedIn Profile - Customize professional headline
- Craft a compelling "About" summary statement
- Showcase credentials in "Experience"
- Update your headshot with a professional photo
- Include vital SEO keywords related to your expertise like "financial advisor”
- Briefly state your value proposition and ideal client in 160 chars or less (220 characters max)
- Quantify achievements and impact. Add multimedia.
- A/B test profile photos
Expand Your Network - Connect with existing contacts
- Join relevant industry groups
- Personalize outreach
- Sync email and phone contacts to reconnect
- Most successful groups have 30K+ members
- Reference common connections when requesting to connect
Become a Thought Leader - Share your best insights
- Answer niche audience questions
- Be helpful and generouss
- Post 2-3 times per week in the morning
- Provide thoughtful responses citing any relevant experience
- Avoid overly self-promotional content
Engage Your Niche - Spotlight your specialty
- Interview ideal prospects
- Hyper-target content
- Research past clients to identify promising niches
- Ask about major pain points, goals, and obstacles they face
- Use niche hashtags and geo-filters to reach your audience
Leverage LinkedIn Tools - Create Company and Showcase Pages
- Use targeted text and image ads
- Install analytics tracking
- Showcase achievements, media, testimonials
- Conversion tracking lets you optimize ads
- Identify your best content formats
Generate Leads - Personalize every single outreach
- Follow up with helpful resources
- Ask for introductions
- Demonstrate you understand their specific needs
- Provide links to relevant tools, articles, services
- Leverage 2nd degree connections to request warm referrals
Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDF presentations or key documents when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different industries.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

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Simplify Complex Topics with Video PDFs

Boost client engagement with personalized video explanations of key financial documents. Access engagement analytics. Learn more.

A Look Into LinkedIn Algorithm - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn employs algorithms to determine what content shows up in users’ feeds and search results. Understanding how these algorithms work can help financial advisors optimize their LinkedIn presence and increase engagement. Let’s take a deeper look at the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding LinkedIn’s algorithms.

The Good

On the positive side, the LinkedIn feed algorithm aims to show users the most relevant and engaging content based on their interests and connections.

The LinkedIn algorithm considers factors like post engagement, content relevance to the user’s profile and past activity, and relationship strength between the poster and viewer. This means that quality content published by connections you interact with regularly is more likely to appear prominently in your followers’ feeds.

Additionally, the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes profiles and content based on authority, credibility, and overall content value. Those who publish regularly, garner engagement and establish themselves as subject matter experts tend to rank higher. This rewards valuable contributors and helps surface trusted voices.

The Bad

However, LinkedIn algorithms can also introduce some less desirable effects. A known issue is post-reach decay – where over time, organic post visibility dramatically drops off regardless of consistency or quality. Without paying to boost posts, financial advisor content simply doesn’t have the longevity and visibility it used to.

In my experience, LinkedIn algorithms also tend to favor rich media posts over text-focused posts. So financial advisors who don’t incorporate visual content face some algorithmic bias even if their audience prefers more text-focused post styles.

The Ugly

Potentially most concerning is the rise of bot accounts and inauthentic engagement tactics aiming to exploit LinkedIn’s algorithms. Whether fake profiles connect with other users en masse or services offering disingenuous likes / comments, this spammy behavior threatens to undermine the trust and professional nature of the platform.

While LinkedIn works to address these problems, the reality is algorithms can and will be gamed by bad actors to rank higher. Financial advisors must be aware of these issues to best position themselves legitimately – through valuable content and authentic relationship building rather than shallow vanity metrics.

Tap into algorithm strengths like sharing truly useful advice and connecting with your niche audience. But recognize the flaws that introduce reach limits and allow ample time and realistic expectations when growing your presence. With a comprehensive long-term marketing strategy, financial advisors can still thrive on LinkedIn despite its imperfect formulas.

Reh Bhanji (Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter)
Reh Bhanji (CFP, CLU)

National Best Practice Leader at Desjardins

Step 1: Build an Optimized LinkedIn Profile Page.

Imagine scrolling through LinkedIn and stumbling upon a financial advisor’s profile. Within seconds, would they spark your interest and compel you to connect? Or would you quickly move on without a second thought?

Unfortunately, most financial advisor profiles on LinkedIn land in the latter category. Generic, bland, forgettable. What a missed chance to hook new leads! Thankfully creating an engaging LinkedIn presence is within reach. With some personal branding best practices, you can craft an influential profile and finally get found by your ideal prospects.

Craft an authoritative professional image with your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile photo leaves that all-important first impression on visitors. Yet many financial advisors throw up any old photo without a second thought. Don’t be that financial advisor! A crummy selfie screams carelessness. It makes you look out of touch when you must project polished authority to win business.

Carefully consider backdrop, framing, lighting – the works. While pro headshots have advantages, even DIY smartphone photos work if artfully shot. Pay attention to lighting and angles to maximize awesomeness.

Then leverage online tools to A/B test multiple profile photo options. Check which makes randoms think, “Whoa, that financial advisor seems smart and trustworthy!”

And update that photo regularly, compadres! An outdated mug risks making you look stagnant and dusty, not dynamic and forward-thinking like you really are.

Take the time to rock a profile photo aligned with your professional brand. It’s your chance to inspire prospects’ confidence in your expertise from first glance – and stand out from the financial advisor crowd!

Make a good first impression with an SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile headline and summary

That LinkedIn headline gives you 220 spare characters to concisely convey your unique value prop. Ideally, you should aim for under 160 characters. So why do so many financial advisors waste it on a dull job title that blends into the crowd? Show prospects what makes you a smart hire with punchy phrasing.

Weave in vital keywords like “financial advisor” and “wealth management” that align with search trends – this optimizes visibility. Then spotlight niche expertise, ideal clients, past big wins…anything illustrating why people should book you, not the other guy.

And don’t overlook your Summary box! That “About” section is prime online real estate for succinctly spot-lighting your wealth wizardry.

Those first 3 lines before the “See more” link compel readers to crave more intel. Share an impressive achievement, client success story, or reason you uniquely get the best results. This plants curiosity, so visitors eagerly click for details on your greatest hits.

Then behind the “See more” link, incorporate additional SEO keywords related to skills, experiences, and interests. Why? This boosts searchability when prospects hunt for financial advisors with your specific competence combo.

Take time to perfect these critical personal branding elements. An optimized headline and summary effectively hook your ideal prospects – while convincing them YOU’RE their money mastermind match.

Highlight your credentials and expertise to build authority

Alright, financial masterminds – this is your chance to unapologetically flaunt your moxie. Don’t downplay titles, credentials, awards or media features earned through next-level hustle. Display them proudly across your LinkedIn profile instead!

Prospects crave social proof and hunger for details on specialized skills. So under Experience, elaborate on unique competencies mastered over an illustrious career.

Maybe you became the firm’s first dedicated crypto asset advisor. Led a project spearheading ESG investing options. Or regularly serve as a TV personality decoding complex money matters for the masses.

Don’t bury these brag-worthy accomplishments! Weave specifics on high-profile clients advised, keynote speeches that were given, and blue chip companies consulted for.

Essentially, you’re storytelling here – spotlighting niche expertise that convinces prospects you’re their money Yoda.

The more you impress visitors with the fruits of your labor, the faster they’ll flock to book you. So proudly parade credentials evidencing both breadth and depth of your money mastery.

Brand yourself with a custom LinkedIn URL

Want an ultra-professional look that impresses at first glance? Then skip the generic URL containing a chaotic string of numbers LinkedIn automatically assigns.

Instead, set a custom URL containing your name or brand – it only takes 2 minutes! This small act gives your profile major personal badge appeal.

A customized URL makes you look legit snazzy when shared elsewhere – say, at in-person networking events or in your email signature.

It also gets much easier for prospects to locate your slick online presence when Googling you. Plus, shorter = better for quick link sharing in places with tight space limits…cough like Twitter.

So give your profile extra pop and memorability by claiming that custom URL! Toggle your Public Profile settings and customize your exclusive web address that worldwide web surfers can’t resist clicking.

Because putting your name on it? That’s just showing prospects from the start you mean business!


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Step 2: Grow Your LinkedIn Network.

Who comes to mind when you hear the old adage “It’s not what you know but who you know”? For financial advisors, networks can make or break their careers. Yet most over-prioritize sales calls to cold leads instead of nurturing relationships. Want to know a secret? The fastest road to growing your financial advisory practice is right under your nose – your existing connections. With nearly a billion LinkedIn users, odds are your best future clients are already in your network.

Connect with existing contacts

Want the easiest way to grow your LinkedIn network? Start with people already in your orbit.

Sync your email and phone contacts to uncover familiar names chilling on LinkedIn. Shoot them connection invites to jar their memory of how awesome you are.

Sure, some may call this the “lazy” networking method. But reconnecting with past colleagues and clients is crazy efficient.

These folks likely still dig your money magic since you made their lives easier back in the day. So they’ll eagerly welcome you back once reminded of everything you brought to the table.

Cold outreach takes more effort upfront. So for now, stick to low-hanging fruit by messaging old friends explaining why it would rule to reconnect.

Then watch your social network numbers balloon as yesterday’s comrades line up to link back up.

Tap alumni and industry groups on LinkedIn to widen your net

Beyond your existing circles, vast networking opportunities await within LinkedIn groups. This is the ideal channel for engaging niche audiences relevant to your expertise.

So what groups should a financial mastermind join? The options are endless, but a few good bets:

Once you’ve identified relevant groups, dive into discussions and share wisdom within your wheelhouse. But focus on contributing value, not plugging your services. Organically establishing yourself as a thought leader, is the patient play here.

These niche communities allow you to both widen your sphere and engage specialized audiences. So seek out and consistently participate in the right groups for your goals.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDF presentations or key documents when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different industries.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

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Strategically reach out to attract potential clients

Beyond existing contacts, aspiring rainmakers can mine LinkedIn to tap new potential clients. But avoid spamming reckless connection requests en masse.

Instead, leverage LinkedIn’s superb targeting capacities. Zero in on prospects via filters for location, company, job title, industry, seniority level – you name it. The platform hands you granular data to identify and vet your desired decision-makers.

For example, financial advisors serving doctors can search for specific roles, like Los Angeles pediatricians with 500+ connections. Such precision aligns outreach with ideal buyer personas.

When asking to connect, always include a warm, consultative message. Demonstrate familiarity with their world and highlight shared connections facilitating an introduction.

This thoughtful approach is the antidote to salesy cold-calling. It sparks relationship-based conversations where you insightfully discuss client needs before promoting services.

Pay attention to the life events like job changes or promotions that your network mentions or that you see in the media that could be leveraged to initiate a conversation of a financial nature. People are leaving these valuable digital breadcrumbs that you can leverage if you are paying attention to them.

Leverage the “People Also Viewed” for similar target prospects that you may not be aware of but who meet your ideal client profile.

Patience pays here too. Connecting authentically – not aggressively – with potential clients should be a marathon, not a sprint.

But strategic prospecting leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting power is well worth the effort. One personalized outreach can become a high-value client down the road. Prioritize quality messaging over the quantity of requests.

Step 3: Establish Yourself As an Expert.

You can meticulously master LinkedIn marketing strategies and tactics until you’re blue in the face… but without the wisdom to share, you’ll flop flatter than a pancake! So before anything else, financial advisors must mint that moxie showcasing their valuable insights across posts and comments.

Share your most valuable insights

Do you want to fast-track your ascent to social media money maven? Then start splashing those value bombs across LinkedIn feeds.

See, financial advisors pack rare intel that other professionals would pay big bucks to leverage, from crypto asset trends to tax minimization tactics, to the hot ESG funds set for stratospheric growth.

You possess exclusive insight into market shifts shaping future wealth. Don’t hoard this juicy data – share generously!

Sprinkle provocative money matters guidance across LinkedIn posts and articles. Showcase market acumen by highlighting emerging opportunities or detailing smart plays you recently made.When you freely give your two cents on financial developments, people listen. They respect such generosity with insider wisdom worth its weight in gold. This burnishes your persona as an approachable authority – not a stingy Scrooge.

Join financial discussions to spotlight your moxie

Beyond posting your own brace market insights, join existing money matters discussions. This allows you to organically spotlight strengths in responding to peers and prospects.

While posting content regularly is a must, so is commenting. Increasingly, LinkedIn is emphasizing commenting and engaging on other people’s posts. This drives increased engagement on the platform and visibility for you with the networks of others on LinkedIn.

Regularly scan your LinkedIn feed and relevant industry groups for intriguing money-oriented threads. Financial planning, retirement strategies, investment philosophies, you name it.

When compelling conversations arise, share your two cents! Chime in with constructive commentary furthering the dialogue.

You needn’t plug your services here. The goal is to position you as a thoughtful leader who generously educates. Let your wisdom speak for itself.

The more consistently you contribute across discussions, the more visibility you gain as a financial authority willing to engage.

And don’t forget the power of questions! Pose thoughtful queries inviting others to share additional perspectives. This catalyzes even more vibrant debate and meaningful exchange of intel.

Post consistency to cement your authority

We’ve explored stellar strategies for showcasing your financial finesse via LinkedIn content. But riddle me this – what good are sporadic posts and comments if no one expects them?

Establishing expertise requires consistency, folks. You must persistently post brilliant market insights to condition connections to await your wisdom.

Regularity demonstrates dependability. When people know to anticipate your economic eloquence twice a week, you cement yourself as a stable pillar amidst their feed’s chaos.

So devise and stick to a set posting schedule. Balance evergreen thought leadership content with timely reactions to market movements.

Don’t let breaking news pass without offering your insider take. Stay nimble responding to financial unfolding events to cement relevancy.

While ensuring consistency of high-quality content distribution, vary your format and framing. Repurposing across videos, articles, and quick tips prevents reader fatigue.

Ultimately, dependable brilliance pays dividends. As your ladder-climbing comrades come to crave and share your money-maven musings, your influencer ascent gains momentum.

Reh Bhanji (Certified Financial Planner, Chartered Life Underwriter)
Reh Bhanji (CFP, CLU)

National Best Practice Leader at Desjardins

Step 4: Engage Your Target Audience on LinkedIn.

Do you struggle to generate enough leads from LinkedIn even after growing your connections? The issue may be a lack of engagement rather than network size.

Simply amassing connections without nurturing relationships leads nowhere fast. The most successful financial advisors on LinkedIn intimately understand the needs of their niche audience. They dig deeper into target client problems and craft content specifically addressing those pain points.

Is your content truly answering the questions keeping your ideal prospects up at night? Time for some self-reflection. Assess if you know your audience as well as you think.

Join niche LinkedIn groups and spotlight your unique value proposition

With over 1 billion LinkedIn members, targeting content broadly dilutes your distinct value. So zone in on a niche where you’re the clear money mastermind.

Now “niche” elicits images of financial advisors cornering obscure markets like “frozen yogurt shop owners.” But often, the most successful niches leverage preexisting specialities.

For example, a financial advisor could spotlight expertise in helping newly divorced women navigate financial impacts. Or spotlight a longstanding passion for assisting nonprofits to amplify fundraising via savvy investment strategies.

Begin by taking inventory of past clients you’ve energized through specialized services. Look for patterns in the people and problems you’re uniquely equipped to address.

Also, examine your vision for future work. I once knew an ambitious financial advisor looking to launch a niche practice for startups on scoping early-stage offers. His passion for this challenge animated his content.

Essentially, identify the audience that lights you up – then create a relentless stream of content showcasing how you can ignite change in their world.

When your niche feels less like a niche and more like a calling, you’ll produce high-value content as second nature.

Dig deep into your target audience's needs and challenges

You’ve carved your lucrative niche. For marketing magic, you must mine deep customer insights fueling compelling content.

Say you support newly retired couples in reimagining purposes. Interview multiple niche members on adjusting to seismic life shifts.

Ask guiding questions like: “What initial financial changes felt most unsettling?” “Where did you feel most confused about spending strategies?” “How has your definition of a meaningful life evolved?”

Let their vulnerably honest answers directly inform the problems your content then uniquely solves. Content immersion puts you in their shoes so your messaging never misses the mark.

Approach prospects themselves to discover pain points. Or tap online communities gathering your niche for open discussions.

Master this “Jobs To Be Done” needs assessment, and no content marketing for financial advisors guide could match the payoff you’ll achieve.

The more intricately you grasp audience hopes, fears and obstacles, the tighter your connection through killer content alleviating their afflictions. Soon they’ll view you as a savior instead of a sales rep!

Craft valuable content catering to niche needs

Armed with intimate audience insights, now apply that intel creating content that conquers their burning pain points and aspirations.

Say your niche is entertainers navigating financial variability. Create a video series on balancing energetic earning years with measured saving strategies. Or an eBook helping creatives obtain mortgages despite uneven income streams.

Always lead with the audience’s underserved needs – not self-serving sales pitches. Offer concrete solutions to dilemmas keeping them awake at night.

Weave in anecdotes and case studies demonstrating previous clients you’ve empowered facing similar trials. This shows real-world impact, lending credibility to your counsel.

Take this well-researched blueprint ensuring anyone in your niche immediately recognizes: “This financial advisor profoundly gets me. They’ve walked in my shoes. I should book time to explore working together.”

Rinse and repeat, perpetually publishing content aligned with audience obstacles and hopes. Over time, your knowledge and generosity cements icon status in their eyes.

Here’s how you can step up your content marketing game:

1. Focus on writing actionable LinkedIn posts and educational articles.

Among content formats, informative articles have the unique power to establish your intellectual authority. So regularly research and release meaty publications conquering niche knowledge gaps.

For example, craft the definitive guide to stock options as executive compensation for the startup crowd. Or publish a deep dive on leveraging gold to balance baby boomers’ retirement portfolios.

Ideally, each release positions you as the expert a niche turns to first on a given focus area. You want readers musing, “I should set up time to consult them on this topic.”

Now, dense topic analysis ain’t for the faint of heart. But you needn’t explore emerging crypto regulations in one epic tome. Consider serialized articles providing digestible wisdom in a sequence.

Also, incorporate visual elements like infographics, videos, or interviews with other respected specialists to dynamically educate niche networks.

Finally, conclude each piece with clear calls to action to schedule initial financial advisory consultations when your wisdom particularly resonates.

The more frequently you generously educate, the faster your transformation to niche icon status, with more leads lining up to avail your services.

2. Respond to LinkedIn comments and questions.

Beyond posting proactively, regularly respond to niche network queries and comments to cement your eagerness to educate.

For example, say a colleague within an online financial advisor group asks for tips on 401k plans best suited for their small business clients.

Resist the tendency to quickly direct message the questioner about your financial advisory services as the obvious solution! Instead, thoughtfully reply highlighting several tailored 401k options and their respective merits in the comment section for all to see.

Even basic questions present golden opportunities to showcase command of niche needs before the eyes of your watching network.

So whether responding to retirement planning dilemmas, crypto portfolio commentary, or budgeting banter, apply first-principles thinking exploring multiple angles.

Your followers will notice how you generously give expansive wisdom for free that outsiders may charge for. This burnishes your reputation as an always-accessible money mastermind.

3. Use bold graphics and video to increase engagement.

Savvy financial advisors know plain text fails to fully capture niche eyeballs like arresting imagery and video do.

So get graphics illustrating advice through colorful charts, idea maps and financial continuum sliders. Infuse statistics into digestible visualizations. Showcase growth potential in an eyebrow-raising horizon chart. Use a relationship diagram highlighting how entities connected to your niche intersect.

And don’t underestimate the engagement power of video! On LinkedIn, in-stream videos boast 30% higher comment rates than regular posts.

Use video PDFs to record quick explainers on market mechanisms affecting your niche and track engagement. Share interviews with clients detailing money milestones they achieved with you. Even film yourself riffing on a trending topic or recent headline.

Essentially, functionally depict your wisdom across multimedia. This dynamic capture style juices mental juice and cements lessons for visual learners.

4. Always prompt action with clear CTAs.

Your educational content has made people more interested in your financial expertise. Now channel that crackling niche curiosity into consultations with clear calls to action.

Each piece should conclude by driving prospects to the next step advancing the relationship.

For example, an article on securing low fixed rates for soon-to-be retirees might end with:
“Securing the right refi strategy for your retirement requires personal coordination across tax, legal, and lending factors. If you resonate with the principles here, click below to schedule a preliminary consultation scoping your unique situation.” The key is prompting immediate action while prospects are hottest, having just ingested your wisdom. Don’t let eager interest diffuse into the ether!

Urge messaging to further discuss content resonation, downloading related resources, or booking financial advisory time to apply lessons learned.

Just ensure your CTA presents the next logical progression to put insights into individual action. Trial closes should flow naturally from the value you’ve shared. Deploy CTAs consistently, and over time, rising percentages of curious followers will convert to clients.


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Step 5: Leverage LinkedIn Marketing Tools.

Do you currently use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Company Page, or Showcase Pages in your financial advisory practice? If you answered no to any of these, you’re squandering valuable exposure.

LinkedIn offers an array of built-in tools to broadcast your message that most financial advisors woefully ignore. Instead they stick to basic LinkedIn posts and profile maintenance then wonder why they struggle getting traction on this social media platform.

Boost branding with LinkedIn company and showcase pages

Beyond your personal presence, establish Company and Showcase pages exhibiting your firm’s differentiated services.

These organization-level profiles allow more creative liberty displaying brand vision and achievements than individual accounts. Plus, their existence signals stability and success amplifying your personal authority.

Devise value-first Company Page messaging explaining how you empower niches, backed by visually impactful banner media. Prominently feature positive press and testimonials evidencing expertise.

Then link to a Showcase Page touring niche content offerings: market explainers, performance results, advisor team intros, access to resources. Almost an online brochure meets thought leadership blog.

With a refined brand platform unlocking multimedia storytelling potential, clearly direct visitors to conversion actions like booking consultations. Or download your original video PDF ebook on securing specialty entertainers’ mortgages as a teaser.

Essentially, relay your DNA and successes across multiple profiles for maximum perception imprinting.

Maximize thought leadership by publishing long-form LinkedIn posts

Beyond pithy comments and shares, seriously showcase your financial fluency by publishing lengthy LinkedIn posts.

These long-form articles prominent on your profile position you as a thinker willing to tackle topics in depth – not just sound bites.

Contribute to collaborative articles to raise visibility and build thought leadership.

Graduate from randomness to regimented publishing. Share what shapes niche futures: deep dives on evolutions in global payments, play-by-plays of changing tax landscapes, and peeks behind fintech funding curtains.

Incorporate visual assets like infographics, films and slide decks to vividly educate niche networks on complex mechanisms affecting their money.

Conclude with clear calls-to-action for booking time to discuss raised concepts personalized to readers’ situations. After ingesting your wisdom, they’ll be primed to start strategic conversations.

While publishing mini-missives has a place in maintaining awareness, opting in to thought leadership through regular long-form content has unmatched influence. It’s like a blog, except the reach extends to entire niche networks.

Strategically tag relevant hashtags to widen your LinkedIn reach

Okay, let’s discuss leveraging hashtags to evoke niche intrigue across LinkedIn. But not just any hashtags – ultra-targeted terms directly beckoning your money mavens.

Better than hawking services randomly, you’ll essentially direct laser-focused messages to ideal prospects already puzzling financial planning for single moms… estate tactics securing generational wealth… managing income variability as a pro athlete.

Research then consistently applies niche hashtags to posts, articles and media matching audience obstacles.

This targeting delivers content precisely when followers are exploring associated topics. So your wisdom captivates those most needing to hear it.

Ensure the hashtags used make contextual sense, or you’ll appear spammy. #MakeMoneyFast and #EntrepreneurHustle don’t fit well alongside prudent investment guidance!

Used judiciously, niche hashtags summon your perfect audience at scale sans pesky algorithms. Soon you’ll cement yourself as a specialist source advising within your community’s common hashtags.


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Take advantage of LinkedIn analytics

Alright, now let’s optimize your economic edification approach by tapping that goldmine of intelligence: LinkedIn analytics!

See, embedded within dry performance metrics hides clues revealing how to finetune niche reach. You just need to decode the signs.

Monitor post stats highlighting top traffic sources. Do followers mainly engage with content shared in specific groups? Does linking to outside media drive more clicks than natively uploaded visuals?

Study audience demographics indulging your articles’ wisdom. Do senior managers amplify your retirement readiness musings more than individual contributors? Do entrepreneur posts fall flat while non-profit execs show interest?

Essentially inspect what content styles, formats and framing most magnetize your money mavericks. Then double down on those creative avenues.

Tap LinkedIn groups to plug into niche networks

Beyond general networking, LinkedIn Groups present a primo avenue to directly engage your target niche.

Financial advisors should join groups and participate in select communities laser-focused on their specialty realm.

For example, a financial advisor assisting newlywed millennial couples could offer membership insights across groups like First Time Home Buyers, Young Investors, and even Wedding Planning 101.

Resist the urge to sell services immediately in the comments. Instead, provide genuine value by thoughtfully responding to member questions and polls.

Share articles addressing obstacles couples face budgeting for dream weddings amid rising inflation. Or weigh in on discussions around managing merged finances.

Essentially position yourself as an accessible ally before promoting your financial advisory abilities. Once your helpful presence earns members’ admiration, they’ll be more receptive to the idea of working together.

So seek out and consistently contribute to niche-specific LinkedIn Groups where your target audience already congregates.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator supercharges laser targeting beyond freebie filters.

Wishing to woo wider-reaching wealth managers? LinkedIn Sales Navigator grants access to higher search depths unlocking upper executive contacts.

Eager to engage entertainment agents across LA, NYC and Nashville? Expect geo-specific hunting without maxed-out caps on results. Hankering to harness has-money house husbands pounding retirement readiness? Complex multi-layered filters reveal this demographic with ease!

Essentially LinkedIn Sales Navigator eliminates guesswork finding qualified prospects by your niche parameters. Plus tailored alerts notify you when ideal targets update work histories and connections.

The tool even suggests potential fits based on your searches and engagement. At prices starting under $100 monthly, this insight engine can quickly pay for itself.

Wells Fargo Advisors integrated LinkedIn Sales Navigator into their next generation advisors program, and it worked exceptionally well for them. In a survey, 74% of advisors shared that LinkedIn Sales Navigator helped them reconnect with existing clients, and 57% mentioned it kickstarted conversations with potential new clients.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDF presentations or key documents when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different industries.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

DeckLinks icon

Simplify Complex Topics with Video PDFs

Boost client engagement with personalized video explanations of key financial documents. Access engagement analytics. Learn more.

Step 6: Create Brand Awareness on LinkedIn with Paid Advertising.

If you had a magic megaphone to instantly broadcast messages to your ideal niche clients, would you use it? Seems obvious yet financial advisors overlook the equivalent – LinkedIn advertising. Most rely solely on organic content which mostly reaches existing connections. But LinkedIn allows drilling down from over a billion users worldwide to incredibly niche target market segments and then pushing relevant messages directly into their feeds.

According to the Nielsen MMM report, financial Services brands experience significantly higher effectiveness with LinkedIn advertising compared to other channels. Specifically, LinkedIn advertising outperform TV and Display by 5x, Online Video (OLV) by 3x, and Social by 2x. Additionally, in terms of efficiency, LinkedIn advertising is 4x more efficient than Search, 1.5x more efficient than TV, and 1.1x more efficient than Online Video (OLV).

Want to get a specific financial service offering or event invite to local female executives over 40? You can literally select that exact audience. This removes guesswork so you reach the most qualified prospects first and forego broad spam blasts.

Amplify organic reach with sponsored content

Start by boosting stellar posts already earning engagement. Splurge on sponsored content to shove them in front of 10x more niche scrollers.

For example, spotlight a retirement readiness checklist you published helping single senior women. Target by age, income and titles like “empty nester.”

Simultaneously, launch razor focused text advertisements citing your specialty assisting divorcees navigate financial impacts. Send clicks to a landing page touring specialized services.

Essentially you direct enviable awareness campaigns, liquidating doubts you’re the niche money mastermind to call.

Sure, effects may seem intangible at first. But over time, the compounding visibility pays dividends with more warm leads organically seeking you out.

Take Voya Financial, for example – they nailed it with LinkedIn paid advertising and content to spread the word about their rebranding.

Their brand got a serious boost – more than doubled the consideration among folks aged 45-65 who saw the banners. LinkedIn paid advertising also bumped up brand awareness by a solid 12 points among the audience they targeted. Those Display Banners? Click-Through Rate (CTR) rocked it at a cool 1.76%. Oh, and their Company Page Followers? Doubled up in growth.

Case study - LinkedIn advertising - Voya Financial

Take advantage of LinkedIn dynamic targeting capabilities

Eager to hyper-target content to ultra-specific financial niches? Then tap into LinkedIn’s advanced dynamic advertising capabilities.

These smarter algorithm-powered advertisements custom tailor messaging to individual viewer profiles. So no wasted spend showing mortgage relief tips to single 20-somethings.

Instead, dynamic advertisements would showcase early retirement planning exclusively to Gen X managed fund directors. Or feature estate planning for widowed homeowners just for grieving widows browsing by.

Essentially it’s customized content catering to concerns keeping niches awake without them directly telling you their pains! Talk about smoothing first impression hurdles…

And with broader targeting freedom than other native advertisements, you can laser concepts to people and titles appearing across almost incalculable combo filters.

If you can add a LinkedIn pixel to your website, do that, as it can greatly improve targeting of your paid campaigns.

So long as you responsibly segment by financial life journeys, the awareness potential is vast. Soon your niche networks will associate you firmly with addressing their challenges. Just focus on dynamic relevancy first, and the rest follows.

Measure LinkedIn digital marketing impact with conversion tracking

Your sleek LinkedIn advertisements are attracting clicks… but how many actually convert into cold, hard cash?

First, ensure your website seamlessly captures prospect details post-click for follow-up. Email signup forms, consultation bookers, content downloads – whatever moves audiences closer to hiring you.

Then watch those backend magic metrics. See which advertisement variations and niche targeting yield the most email signups and consultation inquiries.

Do retiree-focused divorce financial advertisements outperform those broadly targeting all divorcing couples? Test to find out! Does emphasizing tax planning over estate planning convert wealth managers? The data tells all!

Essentially conversion tracking filters noise, spotlighting campaigns delivering actual prospect deals. So you can double down on serious lead drivers and prune underperformers.

Test advertising campaign variations

Run multiple iterations of LinkedIn advertising campaigns simultaneously showcasing your mastery across different framings. Then let the data decide.

Try emotionally urgent retirement readiness messaging against logically focused legacy planning posts. Test video over downloadable checklist assets. Experiment sponsoring posts on company pages over personal profiles.

LinkedIn makes splitting test groups effortless so you can isolate the most magnetic permutations.

Do urgent captions emphasizing running out of time better compel booking than inclusive “in this together” rapport building? Do stats-dense charts showing portfolio growth outperform client testimonial clips?

Let the numbers guide your niche attraction formula. Then pour rocket fuel into the top performing content style for exponential lead generation. In advertising, minute messaging tweaks make major financial differences. So be scientific to maximize your marketing dollars.

Evaluate LinkedIn advertising campaign performance

Closely track metrics like click rates, landing page visits, content downloads, email sign ups and consultation bookings. Each sheds light on engagement levels.

Monitor which demographic and interest targets best interact with your content. Do middle-aged family CFOs or single entrepreneurs click more? Does highlighting ethical practices or spotlighting accessibility resonate?

Compare performance across LinkedIn’s split testing groups if running variants. Which format, framing and CTAs generate the most leads? Which fall flat?

Make sure your website is integrated with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Bing Webmaster Tools so it can give you more information about your customer journey.

Essentially inspect what makes your audience tick – then optimize future content accordingly. Never stop sharpening your niche value nail!

While continual improvement sounds exhausting, ensuring your awareness efforts and expenditures keep paying the highest dividends.


Discover how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn in just 8 easy steps with Chat GPT. Boost your online presence and grow your network!

Step 7: Convert Leads into Clients on LinkedIn.

We’ve all seen those cringe-worthy LinkedIn messages from random financial advisors trying too hard to pitch new business. They blast the same cold call invites to connect from their networks instead of thoughtfully engaging. What happened to the human touch?

Relationship-building is still the heart that pumps lifeblood into sales, online or offline. Yet the vast majority of financial advisors struggle making authentic connections on LinkedIn. Take a deep breath – real relationship development comes down to gradually earning trust through value.

Craft tailored outreach turning strangers into high-value clients

Alright, you’ve put in the work. Your content intelligently interests ideal prospects, and advertisements are driving intrigued visitors. Now for the finessed personalized outreach converting curious strangers into loyal clients.

Don’t try to game the system. Do not outsource your outreach to an automation service provider. You risk getting your account temporarily suspended or permanently banned. Focus on quality content and genuine interactions. You are better off making a few valuable connections than turning off many people with spammy actions.

Resist copy / pasting generic InMail templates. Hyper-personalization is key here.

Address prospects by name, flexing any shared connections. Spotlight the unique obstacles referenced across their content and groups. Then highlight specialized solutions from your playbook addressing their exact scenario.

Get endorsements and especially recommendations from current clients to build your social proof and credibility for prospective clients.

This tailored trust-building wins where tone-deaf templates tank. It signals you inherently grasp their world from the recipient’s eyes – critical for taking the next steps.

Avoid immediately selling or asking to connect. Lead by adding value related to dilemmas raised across their profile and posts. Offer helpful resources and invite open-ended discussion on how you can direct additional guidance.

The more precise your solutions to unspoken pains, the faster prospects transform into clients.

Double down driving conversions with smart follow-ups

You’ve made first contact with that primed prospect. But one personalized InMail won’t always seal the deal immediately – smart follow-up is key for conversion.

Resist sounding overly salesy by immediately asking to meet. Instead, reply by sharing niche-relevant resources expanding on obstacles they’re facing.

If they mentioned struggling to balance preparing kids for college while saving for retirement, send online tools aiding priority planning.

This thoughtful content follow-up reinforces your aim to educate, not just market services. It builds trust that you’re determined to help make progress on critical issues with no strings attached.

Once they directly engage your guidance by using tools or asking questions, then suggest scheduling an intro consultation scoping mutual fit. Gentle nurturing wins here.

Capitalize on referrals through shared connections

Ready to convert curious prospects into happy clients? Tap mutually trusted contacts providing LinkedIn referrals telegraphing your over-the-top value.

Rather than more cold InMails, inspect 2nd and 3rd degree connections linking you to leads. Identify familiar names with existing rapport able to spotlight your economic excellence firsthand.

Message these members endorsing intro chats. For example: “Hi Tim, notice we both connect with Joanne from XYZ. As she prepares for retirement, I believe my transition planning services could tremendously benefit her vision for purposeful days ahead. Given our mutual trust, may I humbly request you refer us to explore working together ensuring her next life chapter thrives?”

Such personalized endorsement overtures send referral requests, not pushy sales pitches. Then those common ties warmly usher prospects on to rewarding financial advisory relationships! The rest is service history from there. Shared trusts provide shortcuts to expedited client conversions.

Target people within your network who are likely connected to the kinds of people you are trying to reach. Think of the people in your network who are consummate connectors who like to connect and refer people – the “pay it forward”-type of people. Mine their networks for connections they have but you don’t have and who matches your target client profile. Ask to be introduced or ask permission to contact them directly with their endorsement.

Gauge interest by tracking prospect engagement

Eager to gauge real prospect interest before pushing meetings? Carefully track engagement metrics informing next best actions converting connections into clients.

Monitor your InMails and messaging. Even no replies provide intel – are they at least consuming the content you send? High open rates signal interest despite the silence.

Inspect their LinkedIn activity across posts and groups. Did they view your shared financial planning checklist for newly married couples? Watch for relevant content likes and comments.

See if they visit your website or download assets after linking to them. These prospect signals help infer desire even if they’re not vocalizing needs yet.

Essentially let prospect actions guide your ongoing nurturance tactics. If they engage your guidance, keep patiently providing value to earn their trust. Soon, they’ll reveal readiness to discuss financial advisory arrangements seriously.

Let those intention indicators pave the conversion path through consistent value adds, not overly pushy asks. In time, they’ll select you.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate PDF presentations or key documents when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different industries.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

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Unlock Client Insights with PDF Analytics

Identify your most engaged prospects and clients. Elevate your communication strategies through in-depth analysis of PDF engagement data. Learn more.


Phew, we just unpacked a metric ton of outsized opportunities awaiting financial advisors embracing LinkedIn’s marketing arsenal. Now it’s your turn to step up and activate the abundance of prospects and clients LinkedIn hands you. Buckle up – the workload won’t diminish but putting these LinkedIn marketing tips to practice will equip your efforts with an unfair advantage. Say bye to shooting LinkedIn shots in the dark. The time has come to claim the clients and prosperity this social media platform promises.


How do financial advisors get clients on LinkedIn?

Financial advisors can get clients on LinkedIn by optimizing their LinkedIn profile, joining niche LinkedIn groups, and sharing valuable content. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find potential clients based on job titles and engage in personalized connection requests to build trust and connections.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool for financial advisors. It helps them find potential clients by refining searches based on job titles, company information, and more. This tool streamlines lead generation efforts on the professional networking platform.

To make the most of LinkedIn as a financial advisor, focus on creating informative content, connecting with your target audience, and using LinkedIn’s lead generation tools. Engage in relevant LinkedIn groups and build strong relationships to reach potential clients effectively.

Financial advisors can generate quality leads on LinkedIn by crafting a strategic financial advisor marketing plan, creating informative content, and using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to connect with their target audience effectively. Joining LinkedIn groups and engaging with potential clients also plays a crucial role.

LinkedIn Groups are communities within the LinkedIn platform where like-minded professionals, including financial advisors, join to discuss industry topics, share content, and network. These groups help in building relationships and staying up to date with relevant discussions and insights from a niche audience.

Financial advisors on LinkedIn should track profile views, connection requests, and engagement on posts. Monitoring these LinkedIn metrics helps gauge visibility and engagement with potential clients and niche audiences.

LinkedIn Posts are short updates or links shared on your profile’s feed, ideal for quick updates and engagement. LinkedIn Articles are longer, in-depth posts where you can share valuable insights and expertise. They’re suitable for comprehensive content.

A good LinkedIn summary for financial advisors should highlight expertise in financial matters, showcase a strong track record and emphasize a commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals. It also mentions a passion for staying up-to-date with trends and providing valuable insights to a niche audience.

Financial advisors can stay up to date on LinkedIn by following thought leaders, joining relevant LinkedIn groups, and sharing industry insights regularly. These actions help them connect with their target audience and maintain a strong online presence.

Disclaimer: The provided information is offered solely for informational purposes and should be interpreted as such. The presenters do not serve the role of providing legal, taxation, or any other professional advice. It is strongly advised that individuals refrain from taking any actions based on the examples or information presented without first conducting a comprehensive assessment of their legal and tax situation with the assistance of qualified professionals.

About the Author

Andrew Jenkins is a Top LinkedIn Voice and the Founder and CEO of Volterra, a marketing agency specializing in customized curriculum and content curation for B2B sales teams, financial advisors, wealth managers, mortgage specialists, and client-facing relationship managers in financial services. Andrew has been teaching social media marketing strategies for enterprises at the University of Toronto for the past ten years. He is also the author of ‘Social Media Marketing for Business: Scaling an Integrated Social Media Strategy Across Your Organization.’ Since 2007, Volterra has assisted companies such as RBC, BMO Nesbitt Burns, CIBC, Valitas Capital Partners, Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd., Aviso Wealth, NEI, and Northbridge Insurance in developing and executing their social media and content marketing strategies.

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