How to Scrape Emails and Verify Emails in Google Sheets for Free

Written by Lidia Vijga

In this short guide, you will learn how to scrape and verify emails for free in Google Sheets. All you’re going to need to have is a list of your prospects and the domain names of their respective companies.

How to scrape and verify emails in Google Sheets

Step 1. Get the Email Finder Template.

Get the free email finder template

Make a copy of this Email Finder template in Google Sheets.

Step 2. Add the list of your prospects.

Populate the first_name, last_name, and domain columns.

Step 3. Create email verification spreadsheet.

To automatically verify emails you need to create a new Google Sheets spreadsheet. Name if “Email verification spreadsheet” and leave it blank.

Step 4. Copy the “Email verification spreadsheet” ID.

To verify emails Copy the Email verification spreadsheet ID

Copy the “Email verification spreadsheet” ID by clicking on the address bar and selecting the spreadsheet ID as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5. Go to "Apps Script".

Go to the Apps script

Go back to your copy of the “Email Finder Template” and click “Extensions” and select “Apps Script” in the drop-down menu.

If you’re getting the “Sorry, unable to open the file at this time. Please check the address and try again.” error that means you need to log out of all of your Google Accounts and log in to the account that has your Email Finder Template.

Step 6. Paste the “Email verification spreadsheet” ID.

Paste the Email verification spreadsheet ID

In the “Apps Script” window replace “COPY PASTE SPREADSHEET ID HERE” with the “Email verification spreadsheet” ID you copied in Step 4. Click “Save”.

Step 7. Run the Email Finder script.

Run the Email Finder script

Go back to “Email Finder Template” and press the purple button that says “Run the Script and Find emails”. You will need to give Google Permission to run the script.

Once the script is done scraping emails, it will populate the emails column with verified emails.

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