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Lidia Vijga

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“My heart races every time I pick up the phone to make a cold call.” Sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. Cold calling strikes fear into most people. In fact, according to Harvard Business Review 48% of B2B sales reps are terrified of making cold calls and experience cold call reluctance. But cold calls don’t need to be sources of dread and anxiety. In this article, I’ll show you how to make cold calls less stressful with Chat GPT, from preparing for the first call to handling sales objections and closing deals.


Sales objections are part of the sales process and can be daunting for any sales rep. Fortunately, Chat GPT is here to help!


  • Use Chat GPT to create cold call scripts: Develop effective cold call scripts with Chat GPT, including introductions, pitches, and closing statements tailored to your specific offering and target audience.
  • Analyze cold call transcripts with Chat GPT: Improve cold call performance by having Chat GPT analyze transcripts and identify areas for improvement in structure, language, and flow.
  • Handle sales objections with Chat GPT: Learn how to overcome common sales objections using Chat GPT-generated objection-handling scripts.
  • Improve tone and language on cold calls: Use Chat GPT to analyze your talking patterns and receive suggestions for improving messaging clarity, empathy, and persuasiveness.
  • Develop unique cold call strategies: Experiment with different cold calling techniques and strategies using Chat GPT, including industry-specific data, trends, or insights.
  • Personalize your cold calling approach: Leverage Chat GPT to create customized cold calling scripts and sales strategies tailored to each prospect’s individual needs and challenges.

Chat GPT Tips and Tricks

Most of the Chat GPT prompts in this guide will require you to prep Chat GPT by providing it with a lot of additional information. Learn how to to feed Chat GPT with information without triggering a premature response here.

Here’s how you can use Chat GPT to learn how to make cold calls:

1. Use Chat GPT to create cold call scripts.

Cold calling tips - Use Chat GPT to create entire script for cold calls

Generally, it’s not advisable to follow a cold call script to a T, however, if you’re just starting with cold calling having a well-thought-out cold calling script is better than having no cold calling script! A good cold call script can give you that last bit of confidence you may need to get started with cold calls. Once you feel more comfortable with placing cold calls you can ditch the cold call script and use the script as a reference or share it with new salespeople on your team.

With the help of Chat GPT, you create an effective cold call script that can engage a prospect, cover the main key points of your product or service, and finish with a compelling closing statement to book a further follow up-up call or meeting.

Your cold call script will consist of 3 parts: Introduction, Pitch, and Closing Statement.

Cold call script part 1:

B2B cold calling

Crafting a strong introduction is crucial for making a positive first impression during a cold call. Cold call introduction is by far the most important part of any successful cold call script. Just like with other parts of a cold call script, you will need to A/B test your introduction and identify the most effective opening statements.

With the help of Chat GPT, you can generate engaging introductions that will help you capture your prospect’s attention. To create an effective introduction with Chat GPT, you have to provide the AI with as much relevant information as possible as this will greatly affect your success rate and the quality of Chat GPT outputs.

Prep Chat GPT before prompting it to generate an introduction for your cold call script by providing it with the following information (Learn how to prep Chat GPT for queries like that without triggering a premature response):

Describe your target audience

For Chat GPT to generate effective and relevant introductions that speak directly to your prospects, it is important for you to explain the industry they are in. The size of the companies you’re targeting and what role your prospects play in those companies.

Chat GPT Tips and Tricks

Go to the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects, click on “More” button, and in the dropdown press “Save to PDF”. Open the PDF file and copy and paste their bios in Chat GPT. This will give the AI a good idea about the people you will be cold calling.

Describe your target audience

It is important that you provide Chat GPT with a clear and concise description of the product or service you are selling. Describe the primary benefits it provides to customers, use simple language, and try to avoid industry-specific jargon that may confuse Chat GPT.

This information will help Chat GPT tailor the introduction to your specific offering and create a compelling message that resonates with your prospective clients.

Chat GPT Tips and Tricks

If your product or service stands out from competitors, you can emphasize the features and functionalities that make it so appealing. This will help Chat GPT generate a more compelling introduction.

Describe relevant success stories of similar clients

Share any relevant examples of your company’s success stories, such as notable clients or case studies. This information will help Chat GPT craft a more successful cold call introduction that is persuasive and more relevant to your prospects while showcasing your credibility and expertise.

Chat GPT Tips and Tricks

Check your sales content management system to find any relevant sales collateral. You can also check your company website to find short snippets of your company’s success stories.

Cold call script part 2:
Sales Pitch

Even the best sales reps use cold calling scripts

A persuasive sales pitch is key to keeping your potential customer’s attention during an unsolicited phone call.

Prep Chat GPT before prompting it to write a full sales script or pitch for your next cold call by providing it with the following information:

Define the problem your solution is solving

Give Chat GPT an in-depth understanding of the problem your target audience typically faces. This will help Chat GPT generate a pitch that speaks directly to your prospects and resonates with them.

Explain how your solution solves the problem

Explain how your product or service can tackle your customer’s problems and address their pain points. Emphasize features that make your solution special and stand out from the competition.

Provide social proof

Share any evidence that showcases how successful your product or service is with Chat GPT.

Chat GPT Tips and Tricks

To “avoid” the 25 prompts per 3 hours limitation that is currently placed on GPT-4, always ask it to generate multiple different versions of an output. For example, you can ask Chat GPT “Generate 5 different versions of a cold call script based on the provided information.”

Cold call script part 3:
Closing Statement

An effective cold call script needs an attention-grabbing closing statement that encourages prospects to take action, like signing up for a SaaS platform or booking a follow up call.

To create an engaging closing statement of your cold call script using Chat GPT, prep it with the following information:

Provide a clear next step

Indicate clearly the action you wish your prospect to take. Make sure that Chat GPT includes a clear next step in your closing statement, whether it be calling and scheduling a product demo, subscribing for a trial period or booking a follow up call, your Call-to-Action (CTA) has to be clear.

Create a sense of urgency

This one can be tricky because you don’t want to come up us too pushy or salesy. However, you can highlight any limited-time offers or potential risks of delaying a decision.

You can provide all of the information above and ask Chat GPT to create multiple versions of a cold call script or you can generate each part of cold calling script separately and mix and match.

2. Analyze cold call transcripts with Chat GPT.

Get cold calling tips from Chat GPT by analyzing cold call transcripts

Chat GPT can be quite effective at analyzing cold call performance. If your company is using sales enablement software that allows you to transcribe calls, you’re in luck! Simply copy and paste transcriptions of your sales calls into Chat GPT, provide any background information on the target audience, your product or service, etc., and ask Chat GPT to tell you how you can improve.

The Chat G Natural Language Processing (NLP) model will carefully examine your cold calls, focusing on the structure, language, and flow to identify areas that require improvements. This might encompass factors such as the sales rep’s pacing of dialogue or pitch clarity.

For example: We ran a cold call transcript through Chat GPT and it determined that the sales rep failed to effectively communicate the value proposition of our product. This led to a lack of engagement from the prospect and ultimately hindered the sales rep’s ability to generate interest from a prospect and move the sales conversation forward.

Custom branding
Showcase your brand.
Video narrations
Easily video-narrate sales presentations or proposals when needed (otherwise video is optional). Redo slide if you made a mistake. Use built-in teleprompter to record longer videos.

Data rooms
Attach any supporting files and links. Make it easy for your prospects and clients to find the right information quickly.

Company profiles
Create company profiles with custom banners and info-packages tailored to different industries.
Contact details
Show your contact info easily accessible by your prospects and clients.
Custom CTAs
Add custom CTAs to drive prospects or clients to your calendar, sign up form, etc.
Engagement analytics
See how prospects and clients interact with your PDFs.

Feedback and Reactions
Collect feedback from prospects and clients. Feedback and reactions are not publicly visible.
Share PDFs
Share any existing PDF presentations and documents.
Live links
Share with a single link. Update files even after sharing your link. Get notified when your PDF is viewed. Turn off access anytime.

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3. Use Chat GPT to learn how to handle sales objections on cold calls.

Overcoming the sales call objections is an inevitable obstacle that many sales reps face during cold calls. Fortunately, with Chat GPT any sales rep can become a master of sales objection handling!

To begin, provide Chat GPT with your or your sales team’s cold call transcripts that include sales objections. The AI will then analyze them to identify the most common sales objections prospects bring up.

Once you prep with cold call transcripts and any relevant information about the product or service being offered, etc., prompt Chat GPT to generate sales objection-handling scripts tailored to address the sales objections it identified.

4. Improve your tone and language on cold calls with Chat GPT.

Cold calling tips for making cold calls less stressful

Chat GPT can help you improve how you connect with potential customers during cold calls. The AI can analyze your talking patterns and provide suggestions to improve messaging clarity, empathy, and persuasiveness, ultimately increasing your chances of connecting and engaging the prospect.

Like in previous examples, provide Chat GPT with cold call transcripts and ask it to generate recommendations on how to improve your tone or language to better connect with your prospects.

For example: We analyzed over 20 cold calls of one of our sales reps and identified that his language when making calls was too technical, making it very difficult for prospects to connect with him and understand the value of the software we’re offering. Using the insights provided by Chat GPT, he worked on simplifying his language for his future cold calls. He then practiced sales technique during cold outreach by speaking with more enthusiasm and using simpler, more relatable language to explain our software’s benefits.

Not only that but Chat GPT also generated a list of empathetic phrases and questions to use when making cold calls to demonstrate sales rep’s understanding of the prospect’s needs and challenges. After putting some of the Chat GPT’s ideas for effective cold calls to practice, the sales rep saw a drastic improvement in their success rate and the level of engagement and responsiveness from potential buyers during their cold calls!


Chat GPT is a powerful AI tool that can help sales reps save time on lead nurturing, pricing optimization, proposal writing, and more.

5. Use Chat GPT to come up with unique cold call strategies.

The best sales reps use Chat GPT to improve outreach strategy

Experimenting with various cold calling techniques and strategies using Chat GPT, such as different opening lines, pitches, or closing techniques can help sales reps stand out and capture the attention of prospects.

Use industry trends and insights

Provide Chat GPT with industry-specific data, trends or insights to help Chat GPT generate unique cold call scripts or opening lines that are relevant to your target audience.

Generate creative cold call opening lines

In today’s highly competitive world of B2B sales, it can be extremely challenging to capture your prospects attention on cold calls. That’s why it’s crucial to craft creative opening lines that can help you break through the noise and immediately grab your prospect’s attention in the first 10 seconds of a cold call.

After prepping Chat GPT with relevant information, simply ask it to come up with 10 unique cold call opening lines that will capture prospect’s attention. You never know what Chat GPT can come up with but it is well worth trying. If you don’t like the outputs, simply type “Try again” and Chat GPT will generate 10 more unique cold call opening lines.

Never lose a deal at the finish line again. Master sales closing techniques and skills with the complete guide.

6. Develop personalized cold calling approach for each prospect.

Develop cold calling techniques with Chat GPT

You can use Chat GPT to analyze a prospect’s data, like their industry, company size, and job title, to prompt Chat GPT to generate a customized cold calling scripts and call sales strategy that will resonate with the prospect. By taking into account these key elements, sales reps can quickly tailor their cold calling scripts and call messages to each prospect’s individual needs and difficulties.

You can use the same trick, we mentioned here, and extract prospect’s bio from their LinkedIn profile to help Chat GPT generate a tailored cold calling strategy.

Let’s consider a real-life example: A sales rep is trying to reach a prospect who is a plant manager at a medium-sized manufacturing company. They can provide background information on the prospect to Chat GPT to analyze and use that information to suggest a cold call outreach strategy that emphasizes how the sales rep’s offerings can help improve production efficiency, reduce downtime, and lower operational costs – challenges that are often faced by plant managers in the manufacturing industry. By addressing the prospect’s unique concerns, the sales rep can gretaly increase the likelihood that their initial cold call outreach message resonates with the prospect helping them progress the conversation towards a potential sale.


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Incorporating Chat GPT into your sales process and cold calling strategy can greatly improve the way you and your sales team approaches and executes cold calls. By taking advantage of Chat GPT’s advanced AI capabilities, sales reps can easily extract invaluable insights from their sales calls, tailor their cold calls to individual prospects, and handle sales objections more effectively.

With Chat GPT’s ability to analyze prospect data, generate engaging conversation starters, and offer personalized responses, Chat GPT can help even the most inexperienced sales reps to confidently connect with prospects and successfully navigate the complexities of cold calling.

Moreover, Chat GPT’s ability to learn from past cold calls and adapt its recommendations ensures that sales reps can continuously refine their cold calling skills and strategies making it easier for them to engage prospects and hitting and exceeding sales teams’ targets and quotas.

With Chat GPT, sales reps can feel more confident and prepared for cold calls. Chat GPT can provide tons of insight into topics and cold calling tips such as conversation starters and sales objection handling. By using Chat GPT, you can greatly amplify your cold calling skills and connect with more prospects to close more deals faster.

Regardless of the industry your company is operating in, the versatility of Chat GPT makes it a powerful tool for sales teams and reps across various industries and company sizes. By prepping Chat GPT with any relevant information you can ensure that it generates cold call strategies and sugestions that are always relevant to your target audience.

About the Author

Lidia Vijga is a seasoned professional with 10 years of first-hand experience in B2B sales and B2B marketing. She has a proven track record of driving growth for companies across various industries. Throughout her career, Lidia has led numerous successful sales campaigns and implemented innovative marketing strategies that have significantly increased revenue and reduced customer acquisition cost for her clients. Lidia regularly shares her insights and experiences on LinkedIn, webinars, and public speaking engagements. Lidia believes in the power of personal qualities such as kindness, empathy, and the willingness to understand others. She is committed to empowering client-facing teams with tools that enhance their talent instead of automating it, and she firmly believes that teams that show their human side grow companies much faster.

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