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Top 10 Practical Tips and Benefits of Using Video Email For Sales

Written by Lidia Vijga
Top 10 Practical Tips and Benefits of Using Video Email For Sales

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In the current virtual selling environment, there are many many benefits of using video emails in a B2B sales process. Sales reps that don’t use video emails for sales risk missing their sales targets and quotas. Video sales letter offers a unique opportunity for sales reps to stand out and make their sales process more effective and efficient. While traditional email communication may feel impersonal or dry, using sales video email in the sales process brings a human element and can make all the difference in closing a deal.

If you or your sales team is new to using video sales emails, we highly recommend reading our article on how to use video emails for sales.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the Top 10 benefits of using video email for sales:

1. Sales video email makes it easier for sales reps to communicate complex information

viewers remember 95 percent of a video

According to Forbes, videos are significantly more effective than text alone in delivering a message – viewers remember 95% of a video compared to 10% when reading the same information in text form.

In B2B sales, effective communication is key to closing deals and building successful relationships with potential clients. This is especially true when a sales rep needs to convey complicated information to a potential customer, sending an email text may not be the most efficient method. Email text also may not always be enough to convey the necessary information, leading to misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

For those sales reps who sell complex B2B products or services, nothing can beat a video email. Not only do video sales emails allow for clear communication, but they also offer the added benefit of nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language. This can go a long way in improving understanding and fostering better relationships with clients. And because a video sales letter can easily be saved and watched at any time, it offers convenience for both the sales rep and the customer.

Whether it’s explaining a new product or going over contract details, video sales emails can greatly streamline the communication process and increase conversion rates.

2. Sales reps can access real-time video engagement analytics

video presentations engagement analytics

Sales reps need to know whether or not their video sales emails and sales collateral are making an impact on potential clients. With video analytics, sales reps can gather valuable data like video sales emails playback rates, see how much time the viewers spend watching their pre-recorded sales videos and even their clicks and interactions within the video itself.

Do people watch the whole video or skip certain parts? How many times have they watched the video? These analytics can give valuable insight into what content is resonating with the prospects and clients and where there may be room for improvement. Based on this data, sales reps can easily adjust tactics, better tailor and time their follow-ups, and cater messaging to each individual prospect for maximum positive impact.

In today’s highly competitive market, having access to these analytics can give sales reps a significant advantage in closing deals. No longer are sales reps left in the dark about their sales collateral performance – with real-time video engagement analytics, they have access to the valuable knowledge they need to succeed.

Learn more about B2B sales collateral and how to increase its effectiveness.

3. Sales video email can be shared with all decision-makers

As a sales rep, one of the most effective ways to sell a product to a bigger organization is with the help of a product champion. Sales reps need to help their product champions promote their products or services to the decision-makers. Sharing asynchronous video presentations via email is an excellent way to assist in this process.

Asynchronous video allows the product champion to share a personalized video pitch without the need for everyone to be present at the same time.

Not only that but by sharing an asynchronous video presentation with the product champion, sales reps don’t need to worry about their message getting lost in translation or being misunderstood. Say goodbye to “the Broken Telephone Game”!

Make a presentation video to avoid corporate telephone issues

Asynchronous video allows for a more dynamic and engaging presentation, while still allowing the decision-makers to watch it on their own schedule. In addition, video email analytics allows the sales rep to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of their video sales emails and sales collateral.

As a result, asynchronous video can help your sales team shorten the sales cycle.

Learn more about asynchronous video presentations. See how your sales team can accelerate the sales cycle and create the best buying experience using async video presentations.

4. Sales reps can use video emails to walk decision-makers through agreements and proposals

Personalizing interactions with decision-makers and ensuring they fully understand the terms of a deal oftentimes is the key to closing those deals. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is using video to walk decision-makers through agreements and proposals over a pre-recorded video email. Not only video helps provide a visual aid for the decision-maker, but it also allows them to review the information at their convenience.

Sales reps can use tools like DeckLinks to video-narrate any PDF document or presentation, highlighting terms, important points, key features, and benefits while also addressing any potential concerns and objections. This level of direct communication can demonstrate a higher level of professionalism and interest in a prospective client’s needs.

Additionally, video helps save time and streamline the negotiation process, ultimately leading to a successful close. From initial sales pitches to contract signing, incorporating video into the sales process is a valuable tool for high-performing sales reps looking to increase conversion rates.

5. Sales video email is more likely to be remembered than any other type of sales collateral

Using video in email makes it easier to remember the message for prospects and clients

In the age of information overload, it can be challenging to capture a prospect’s attention through traditional text emails. Pre-recorded sales videos offer a unique solution to this problem by providing a dynamic and visually appealing and engaging way to communicate important information. Sales video emails allow sales reps to showcase their personality and build rapport with potential customers remotely.

Research has consistently shown that video is more likely to be remembered than email text, making it an effective tool for capturing attention and getting your message across.

Not only does this personal touch make a strong impression, but it also offers the opportunity for nonverbal communication such as body language and tone of voice. By using sales video email, sales reps can grab the attention of potential clients, set themselves apart from the competition and increase response rates.

So next time you’re stuck trying to stand out among a sea of sales emails, consider getting creative with a video sales letter. It just might make all the difference in increasing conversion rates!

6. Video content is shared more often

It is no secret that video content is quickly becoming the preferred medium for online communication. Studies show that video posts on social media are shared more often than any other type of content.

People share video twice as often

On average, people share video content 100% more frequently than any other type of content.

This trend extends to sales video email as well. As a result, video sales letter has proven to be a valuable asset for sales professionals. Not only is video sales letter more engaging for the recipient, but video content also has a higher likelihood of being shared with colleagues and most importantly the decision-makers.

As such, every B2B sales team needs to take advantage of this trend by incorporating video into their sales and marketing strategy. Whether it be a video email campaign or sharing pre-recorded presentations or webinars on social media, incorporating video can help increase prospect engagement and response rates, educate your target audience, and accelerate the sales cycle.

So next time you’re looking for a great way to make your sales collateral stand out, consider sending a video sales letter to increase sales engagement and increase the likelihood that your video sales collateral will be shared within the company.

7. Sales reps can save a lot of time by using video sales emails

Time management is an important skill for sales reps

Time is always in short supply, especially near the end of a quarter. Every minute a sales rep spends manually writing emails or setting up meetings is valuable time that could be used to attract new clients or close deals. Fortunately, video sales emails offer a solution to this problem.

Not only do pre-recorded sales videos allow for more personalized communication with prospects and clients, but they also save time by streamlining the sales process. Instead of repeatedly explaining company products or services through traditional emails or setting up live video calls, sales video email allows sales reps to simply send a pre-recorded video message with all the necessary information and include any relevant product videos.

Video emails are a handy tool for sales reps who need to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs). By recording answers to common questions ahead of time, sales reps can maintain a human connection with their prospects and clients while still getting the information they need across. This video can then be shared across the organization ensuring that everyone stays on the same page greatly enhancing a sales representative’s productivity and efficiency.

8. Video sales emails can help sales reps build trust and credibility

In B2B sales, it can be easy to get caught up in facts and numbers. However, building personal relationships should not be overlooked. At the end of the day, people want to do business with individuals they trust and like.

As the saying goes, people buy from people. Trust plays a major role in sales, as clients need to believe that the sales rep has their best interests at heart. Building strong relationships through authentic interactions also helps create a sense of loyalty and improves communication, leading to better solutions for both parties involved. While numbers and analytics are important in the decision-making process, having a personal connection with those on the other side can make all the difference.

With video sales emails, sales reps can bridge the gap between physical presence and live video communication. Instead of just reading a canned message, pre-recorded sales videos allow reps to build and maintain a human connection with prospects and clients through body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. This can make a huge difference in building trust and credibility.

At the end of the day, people want to work with those they trust and have a positive relationship with – investing time and effort into building these connections can lead to a loyal client base and more sales.

9. Video emails can help sales reps tell customer stories and share testimonials better

Sharing a case study with prospects and clients

As sales reps know, facts and figures can be convincing, but sometimes on of the best ways to persuade a prospect is through storytelling and social proof. By sharing customer success stories and testimonials, sales reps can show the tangible benefits of their product or service in action. Seeing social proof and hearing about firsthand experiences from satisfied customers can also help prospects envision themselves using your offering and experiencing similar results. Storytelling helps build a strong rapport with potential clients and convey the value of a product or service.

Adding video to the mix can take this tactic to the next level. Video emails allow sales reps to share customer success stories and testimonials in a dynamic, visually engaging way. Video also adds a personal touch when doing sales outreach or reaching out to existing clients, allowing prospects and clients to connect with the happy customers featured in the video on a more emotional level. These pre-recorded sales videos also could be a part of a bigger video email marketing campaign.

Incorporating a case study, social proof and real-life examples into video sales collateral can help sales reps build and maintain sales momentum and accelerate the sales cycle. So, don’t underestimate the power of sharing customer stories in a video – they can be a valuable sales tool in your sales arsenal.

10. Sales reps and account executives can use video emails to share updates with existing clients

When sales reps and account executives are trying to build a loyal client base, they need to stand out in a crowded inbox and maintain a human connection with existing clients. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a video sales letter, which provide a more dynamic and engaging presentation than traditional email messages.

In addition to providing updates or information that your clients may find valuable, pre-recorded sales videos can also be used to showcase new products or services that may be of interest to existing clients. Video emails also allow new sales reps and account executives to introduce themselves, add a personal touch and establish a closer relationship with clients.

Overall, incorporating video sales emails into your virtual sales and client communication strategies can enhance the customer experience, increase prospect engagement, and help maintain strong relationships with existing clients giving your sales team a competitive edge in a remote work environment.

Video presentations and "video" in the email subject line increase email open rate
Video increases CTR when attached to an email

Oftentimes it can be difficult to get your email opened, but by adding the word “video” in the email subject line, you can increase email open rates by 19%. Not only that but having “video” in the subject line can also lead to a 200%-300% increase in click-through rates.

Although many sales reps are unaware, these facts have been widely known by marketing teams that frequently take advantage of video email marketing to break through the noise and improve performance of their email marketing campaigns.

In an increasingly digital world, incorporating pre-recorded sales videos into your sales process can give you a significant advantage and help you build and maintain sales momentum and lead to increased sales.

Learn 17 essential tips on how you can effectively build and maintain sales momentum.

BONUS: Sales reps can use video emails to hand over clients to the customer success team

One of the most important and exciting tasks for a sales rep is handing over a new client to the customer success team. This transition can often be tricky, with important information getting lost in emails or phone calls. But with video email technology, this hand-off can be seamless and clear. Not only can video email efficiently convey all necessary information, but it also allows for personal touches such as introductions to the customer success team and a tour of their onboarding materials. Plus, video emails are more likely to be viewed and remembered by clients. So next time you need to pass along a new customer, consider using a video email for a smooth and successful transition!

How to create videos for video emails

To create videos for video emails you can use DeckLinks. DeckLinks is a video tool that allows sales teams to turn PDF presentations and documents into interactive videos that can be shared in sales emails. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use DeckLinks. You simply upload the PDF, record a video narration, then share it via a trackable link. If you have product videos, you can embed them right into your video PDF.

Forget about learning video editing software or trying to make screen recordings look good. With DeckLinks, you can create professional-looking sales videos in no time.

how to create a presentation video in 2 steps

Using video PDFs in your video email sales strategy can help you crush sales targets and quotas! By sharing trackable links, you’ll be able to access granular engagement analytics. This will allow you to identify which prospects and clients are most engaged, understand their interests better, time follow-ups more effectively, and help prepare for sales meetings. And with custom call-to-action buttons, you will be assured that your prospects and clients know the next step.

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