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15 ways to use video emails for sales to crush sales targets in 2023

Written by Lidia Vijga
15 ways to use video emails for sales to crush sales targets in 2023

In the modern B2B sales process, using video emails for sales is no longer just a nice option to have – video sales email (or a video sales letter) is a necessary sales enablement tool for sales professionals to hit sales targets and quotas.

As more and more customers prefer video content and video messaging, sales representatives and business development representatives who fail to include video email strategies in their sales process risk missing their sales targets and quotas.

However, simply including a video in your sales emails is not enough. Sales representatives must know how to leverage video email strategies to effectively engage potential clients.

Some of the most common strategies include utilizing video email to showcase products or services, making an asynchronous video sales presentation or a sales pitch available for all decision-makers, video sales outreach, or walking potential clients through proposals or agreements. Not only that, using video email for sales helps build credibility, trust, and personal rapport.

Savvy sales representatives understand the power of a video email and use it as one of the key sales tools in closing deals. And with modern video sales enablement tools, like DeckLinks, you don’t need to spend hours in video editing software to record a video sales letter.

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What is a video sales letter (VSL)?


A video sales letter is a pre-recorded sales video embedded into an email, website, or landing page. The main objective of a video sales letter is to grab attention, provide a rich media experience and persuade the target audience to buy a product or a service. Video sales letters are used by marketing and sales teams.

Video email can be used throughout all stages of the B2B sales process. Here’s the list of 15 video email strategies for sales reps and their sales teams that can help them crush sales targets and quotas in 2023!

Use video emails to
Set an agenda for discovery or a sales meeting

Share sales meeting agenda using a video sales letter

Before discovery or sales meetings, the best sales representatives ensure that every participant is on board and knows what to expect on a discovery or sales call.

One surefire way to do this is by setting an agenda and sharing it with all meeting participants in advance. This not only helps everyone stay on track, but it also allows for more efficient use of time and demonstrates professionalism. Before the sales meeting, a sales rep can list the topics that need to be discussed and any specific action items that need to be addressed.

During the sales meeting, sales representatives can refer back to the agenda as needed and make sure all points are covered. Clear communication and organization can help make a positive impression on potential clients and increase the likelihood of closing a deal.

One way to share a sales meeting agenda and make it more engaging and personal is to send a video email before the meeting to set an agenda.

This video email can outline key talking points, identify goals for the meeting, and present any relevant information that the participants need to get familiar with before the meeting.

Rather than relying on a written sales email, top reps incorporate sales videos into their sales process to effectively set the agenda for a discovery or sales meeting.

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Use video emails to
Recap discovery and sales meetings

High-performing sales professionals know the importance of following up and staying in touch with clients. One way to do this is through a video email or video messaging, which can add a personal touch and make a lasting impression.

Video email is one of the best sales tools for recapping discovery and sales meetings. Rather than simply sending a written summary or notes, video emails allow a sales rep to summarize key points while also giving the client a chance to see their enthusiasm and connect with the sales rep on a personal level. Not only does this help to reinforce the key points discussed during discovery or sales meetings, but it can also serve as a reminder of their unique value propositions and strengthen the relationship with their clients.

Use video email analytics to
Perfectly time and tailor follow-ups

Follow up with the right prospect at the right time

When talking to potential clients over email, it can be difficult to determine the best time to follow up. Video emails not only can help a sales rep break through the noise and grab prospect’s attention but also provide valuable insights into prospect engagement. The ability to see how prospects and clients are engaging with sales collateral can be incredibly helpful when it comes to tailoring and timing follow-ups.

Video analytics can provide valuable prospect engagement data into when recipients watch sales videos and how long, helping identify what products or features grab attention most, etc. Video engagement analytics can help sales representatives tailor and time their follow-ups based on when and how prospects and clients watch their sales videos. In other words, they can follow-up with the right person at the right time. As a result, video analytics can empower a sales rep to effectively nurture prospects and clients and help them hit sales targets and quotas.

Use video emails to
Answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Vast majority of sales reps always receive the same questions from potential and even existing clients over and over again. And in sales, it’s important to not only respond quickly to clients but also provide them with the information they need.

Instead of sending out traditional emails, sales teams can use pre-recorded video templates to answer those frequently asked questions. Video templates can save time by allowing a sales rep to record their responses once and send them when needed.

By pre-recording video email templates, sales representatives can quickly and efficiently answer commonly asked questions or address specific concerns raised by clients. Video email templates also allows for a better buying experience as the client can actually see and hear the account executive answering their questions.

So next time you’re receiving repetitive inquiries, consider recording video templates as a more effective solution to optimize your sales process.

Use video emails to
Engage prospects with personalized videos

Video presentations and "video" in the email subject line increase email open rate
Video increases CTR when attached to an email

Vast majority of B2B buyers constantly get bombarded with prospecting emails and it can be very difficult for sales professionals to stand out from the crowd and connect with prospects on a human level.

Sales video email prospecting (or cold calling videos) can help a sales team connect with their prospects on a human level, break through the cold email noise, and build and maintain sales momentum. Video prospecting can be very effective at helping a sales rep to introduce themselves and showcase their products in a more personal and engaging way.

In addition, prospecting emails paired with short videos have a much higher email open rates (you need to make sure to add “video” in the subject line), click through rates, and response rates than text sales emails, making them an invaluable tool for any sales rep looking to stand out from the competition and crush sales targets and quotas. So if you’re looking to increase sales engagement you definitely need to give sales video email prospecting a try.

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Use video emails to
Share demo videos

In the world of sales, first impressions and the ability to effectively demonstrate a product can make all the difference.

However, in-person demos may not always be possible due to distance or scheduling conflicts. By utilizing personalized videos, a sales team can efficiently and effectively showcase their products and increase the likelihood of closing a sale.

A sales rep can pre-record a product demo and send it via video email to a prospective client or a decision maker. This not only can save time but also allow for the demo to be viewed on-demand and shared with other decision-makers.

Use video emails to
Share case studies and testimonials

Any seasoned sales rep knows that showcasing the success of their clients and the impact their product or service has had on their business can greatly increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

Sending a video email is an excellent way to do just that. Not only do sales videos provide a more engaging and visually appealing format than text sales emails or static PowerPoint presentations but video content also helps make the message feel more personal and authentic by featuring real customer testimonials, case studies, and social proof.

Video email can bring your company’s successes to life in a way that written text sales emails can’t. In addition, sales video email allows the recipient to see and hear the enthusiasm and passion of their sales rep, helping to build personal rapport, build credibility and trust, and establish a personal connection.

Use video emails to
Thank your clients

Using video email to thank prospects and clients

Providing a great buying experience is key to closing deals, especially when it comes to B2B sales. Sales teams need to ensure their clients feel appreciated and recognized for their business. And what better way to show your gratitude than with a personalized video sales letter or video messages?

Not only is a personalized video sales letter more impactful and memorable than traditional emails, but it also conveys a sense of warmth and sincerity that can bolster the client – sales rep relationship.

Using video in sales emails can also set a sales rep apart from vast majority of other reps, showing clients that they’re willing to go the extra mile for them. This can help a sales rep build stronger relationships with their clients, get loyal customers, generate repeat business, and hit sales targets and quotas.

Use video emails to
Explain complex products and services

viewers remember 95 percent of a video

Videos are much more effective than text alone in getting a message across – viewers remember 95% of a video compared to 10% when reading the same information in text form – according to Forbes.

Sales reps often need to present complex products and services to potential clients. However, it can be difficult to accurately convey all of the necessary information through traditional emails alone.

By sending a video email, sales representatives can easily explain even the most complex products and services in greater detail. This can improve the decision-maker’s understanding of the offerings and increase the likelihood of them making a purchasing decision.

In addition, pre-recorded sales videos can eliminate any potential miscommunications that could occur through written communication alone, helping the sales rep build and maintain sales momentum, and further boosting the potential for a successful sale.

Scott Berinato’s article in Harvard Business Review supports the value of using video narration when presenting complex visual information.

Use video emails to
Share information with the decision-makers

People share video twice as often

In B2B sales, getting compelling content to decision-makers quickly and effectively can mean the difference between closing a deal or watching it slip away. The traditional methods of emailing documents or setting up video conference calls with busy decision-makers can be very time-consuming.

By sending a sales video email, a sales rep have the opportunity to share important information with a decision-maker in a convenient video format that can easily be shared with other decision-makers.

This method also allows for greater personalization, as video sales emails allow sales professionals to directly address the decision-maker and incorporate visual aids in the video. Video email also provides the opportunity for instant feedback, allowing sales representatives to address any questions or concerns quickly and efficiently.

By sharing compelling content in a sales video email, a sales rep can effectively reduce any knowledge gaps that decision-makers may have. Closing the knowledge gap, in turn, can help a sales rep accelerate the sales cycle and hit sales targets and quotas.

Use video emails to
Share information with product champions

It is important for sales reps to have strong relationships with their product champions, as product champions can play a crucial role in unlocking business opportunities and accelerating the sales cycle.

One powerful way to build and maintain relationships with product champions and close any knowledge gaps they may have is through video emails.

By recording a video presentation or a sales pitch, sales representatives can easily share information about new products, special offers, or updates to existing offerings with their product champions. Not only do videos provide a more engaging and visually appealing alternative to text sales emails, but they also allow product champions to review the information at their convenience and share the video with relevant decision-makers.

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Use video emails to
Follow up with prospects and clients

Staying in touch with potential clients is critical to building and maintaining sales momentum. One sales strategy that can make a big impact and help an account executive hit sales targets is utilizing video emails or video messages for follow-ups with prospects and clients.

By adding a personal touch, a video email can help sales representatives to differentiate themselves from the competition and leave a lasting impression. Not only can a sales video email capture the prospect’s attention, but they also allow the account executive to showcase their personality and enthusiasm in a more engaging way than text sales emails.

Video follow-ups also make it easier for prospects to understand and remember important information about new products or special offers. This can help sales representatives build and maintain sales momentum and, as a result, consistently hit sales targets and quotas. And for existing clients, personalized videos can enhance the overall customer experience.

Use video emails to
Walk decision-makers through your proposal

Top reps are always looking for new ways to better communicate their business proposals to the decision-makers.

One sales strategy that is growing in popularity amongst high-performing sales professionals is the use of video emails to walk the decision-makers through a business proposal step by step, using visual aids to make the proposal more memorable and easier to understand.

Additionally, pre-recorded sales videos provide an opportunity for sales representatives to add some personality to their business proposal, creating a more personal connection with the decision-makers.

In today’s competitive market, video-narrated business proposals can give a sales rep a crucial edge in their sales process to hit sales targets and quotas.

Use video emails to
Provide clear next steps

To build and maintain sales momentum, sales representatives need to make sure a potential client knows the next steps. Too many deals get stuck in limbo simply because sales representatives don’t provide a clear CTA (call-to-action) to the decision-makers. A video email can be an effective tool helping to accomplish this goal.

By including a clear CTA in a sales video email, a sales rep can provide a clear overview of what is coming next and what may be required from the potential client to move to the next stage of the buying journey.

As a result, pre-recorded sales videos with a clear call-to-action can lead to a better understanding of the buying process for the potential client and smoother and faster progress toward closing the deal.

Add video to your sales email signature

In today’s highly competitive market, sales professionals need to stand out from the competition, especially when doing sales outreach. A surefire way to do this is by adding a video to the sales email signature. This video can serve as an introduction to potential clients and help a sales rep establish a personal connection before they even have the chance to speak with the sales rep.

Adding a video also helps convey confidence and professionalism, setting you apart from those who use traditional sales email signatures.

In the competitive world of sales, every advantage counts. Incorporating video content into your sales email signature is a small yet impactful step toward helping you crush sales targets and quotas!

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How to create video emails for sales

To create video sales emails you can use DeckLinks. DeckLinks is a video platform that enables marketing and sales teams to create professional-looking sales videos and marketing videos in no time.

It allows sales reps to use any existing PDF presentation or document and turn it into an engaging sales video. Forget about spending hours in video editing software trying to make screen recordings look good. Simply upload your PDF and record a video narration. If you have product demo videos, you can embed them right into your video PDF. DeckLinks also displays your contact information right beside your video PDF and even gives the option to add custom CTAs ensuring that your prospects and clients always know the next step.

how to create a presentation video in 2 steps

The video PDF can then be shared via trackable links that come with attention grabbing video thumbnail. You can also post your video PDF on a video landing page, website, or share on social media. Trackable links allow you to access granular engagement analytics that can help you identify the most engaged prospects and clients, better understand what they are interested in most, better tailor and time your follow-ups, and prepare for upcoming sales meetings.

Crushing sales targets and quotas is easy with video PDFs!

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