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Top 20 HR Video Ideas with Examples to Engage Teams in 2023

Written by Lidia Vijga

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HR video is quickly becoming the preferred method for HR departments to reach and engage with employees. From asynchronous video meetings with remote employees to training and team-building exercises to job postings, video can help HR professionals create more meaningful connections while also providing opportunities to save time and money.

What are HR videos?

HR video is a type of video strategically created by a human resources department to showcase workplace culture, job opportunities, and benefits to potential candidates. HR videos can be used to communicate everything from employee onboarding, employee training, and company policies to motivation and team activities.

Here’s the list of the most effective HR video examples and HR video ideas that will help you engage your team in 2023:

Team member video testimonials

HR video ideas for human resources teams - record team members testimonials

HR videos featuring team member testimonials can be a tremendously effective way to communicate what makes your workplace unique and desirable. Not only do they provide a first-hand, human account of the company culture and its work environment, but the on-camera interviews with real employees are also very relatable for viewers.

They help capture the core spirit that drives a company’s accomplishments in an engaging way, conveying why it might be a great place to work at. HR videos that feature employee testimonials are an invaluable asset as they represent an honest and powerful snapshot of your organization.

To exemplify how powerful the employee testimonial videos are, take a look at Salesforce’s “Ohana Stories” HR video series showcasing employees sharing their personal journeys and experiences as part of the organization. This HR video provides potential Salesforce employees with a good understanding of what being employed at Salesforce looks like in practice.

Recruiting video

Recruiting videos or job posting videos is the secret weapon of HR managers when they want to make an impression on potential candidates. A recruiting video showcases the best of what a company has to offer. Company culture, its brand image, and vision. This gives applicants an insight into why they should choose the company as their next employer.

Take Airbnb as an example, their “We Are Airbnb” recruiting video is engaging and effective at attracting potential candidates who share similar beliefs to those of the company. Just by watching this recruiting video, you can immediately see why people would be drawn to working at Airbnb!

Also, to get more video ideas, take a look at the “How we hire at Google” recruiting video. Google’s human resources teams have done a great job of providing all the answers and sharing details about how they hire new employees while busting some myths about Google’s hiring and new employee onboarding processes.

If you’re looking to record a unique recruitment video to attract top talent and don’t know where to start, be sure to check our Top 10 Recruitment Video Ideas.

Hiring video email

HR video ideas for human resources teams - Record new hire videos

Receiving a job offer is often one of the most exhilarating and joyous milestones that people can experience. Yet, simply reading this in an email doesn’t give justice to the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with being welcomed aboard.

That’s why every HR team should consider introducing video emails into their hiring and onboarding process. Even a short video email can have a powerful impact on new hires. After all, no matter how well-crafted words may be, nothing quite compares to seeing a face and hearing a voice of a hiring manager or a company rep when it comes to creating an immediate, personal connection with the company.

Not only can video emails help set the tone for their employment on the first day in the new workplace but it also makes new team members feel more welcome and part of the company.

New employee intro video

Unique video ideas for human resources teams - Ask new employees to record intro videos

Introducing a new team member can be a great opportunity to bring enthusiasm and motivation into the office. Asking new employees to record and share a short video ahead of time is an excellent way to make the transition smoother. This will give your team the chance to meet your new hire before their first day, making them feel more confident and less daunted by coming into an entirely new environment.

The new employee intro video can ensure an effortless integration with the existing team and help create a welcoming environment in the office.

New employee onboarding video

HR video ideas for for an HR team - Record onboarding videos to welcome new employees

New employee onboarding video gives the HR department a very effective way to introduce new hires to the values, company culture, and expectations of a company. Not only do onboarding videos provide key information and valuable onboarding resources to new employees they also allow HR teams to get creative in presenting their organization’s values and culture.

HR videos help create a personal connection with employees, allowing them to form a better understanding of what it means to be part of their new team and why they should be excited about joining it. Onboarding videos can help companies invest in their most valuable asset – people – right from the start.

Zendesk’s human resources team has truly perfected this craft. In their “Welcome to Zendesk” video series, new hires learn about the company culture and typical workday. Not only does this HR video display Zendesk’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness, but it also inspires fresh staff members to contribute to the company’s positive and inclusive company culture.

Diversity and inclusion videos

HR videos promoting diversity and inclusion can help to foster a culture of belonging in a new workplace, while also shining a light on the employer’s commitment to embracing different perspectives and promoting an inclusive environment for all. These HR videos can help to introduce and reinforce core values that emphasize respect, collaboration, and innovation amongst colleagues. By creating diversity and inclusion videos, companies can make a strong statement about the importance of open-mindedness and acceptance at work.

This diversity and inclusion video “Equality is a key value” from Salesforce highlights the company’s commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace. It emphasizes the vital role of diversity and encourages everyone in the organization to contribute towards creating an inclusive workforce.

Leadership videos

Leadership videos offer a powerful means for corporate leaders and HR teams to effectively engage and motivate their workforce, while also offering invaluable insight into the company’s leaders. Not only that but they can also help foster closer connections between senior leadership and employees.

This type of human resources videos can provide further insight into the company’s vision and goals, helping to build transparency within the organization. These types of videos also give senior leaders a chance to create an emotional connection with viewers. Companies that take the time to create HR videos can build strong bonds of trust and confidence between them and their employees.

“Bill Marriott: Lessons in Leadership” video from Marriott International is a great example of a leadership video. The video features an interview with Bill Marriott who shares his insights on topics such as putting people first, being accountable, and creating a culture of excellence.

Social responsibility videos

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) videos are an excellent way to demonstrate a company’s dedication to making the world a better place. By creating engaging video content that showcases the philanthropic initiatives of their organization, human resource teams not only build awareness and commitment among customers but also convey a deep employee appreciation.

TOMS helped make ‘Buy One Give One’ (BOGO) cause marketing to go mainstream. For every pair of shoes purchased, a child in need around the world is gifted with another pair from TOMS!

Management update videos

Management update videos can be an invaluable tool when it comes to HR communication. Whether it is an annual recap or more frequent internal communications, video can help inform and engage employees.

Companies that regularly share updates and announcements through video have been successful in increasing communication and transparency across the organization. Videos allow employees to conveniently learn about company policies updates, new initiatives, internal events, and even potential career development opportunities. Such video clips help create an enjoyable work culture by keeping everyone well-informed and up-to-date with the state of their organization.

Employee training videos

Training videos and how to videos are a great way of helping new and existing employees develop new skills and gain the necessary knowledge to succeed. Not only do they make it easier to teach even the most complex topics efficiently, but they also allow employees to learn at their own pace without having to attend physical or virtual workshops. Employers who invest in recording up-to-date training videos can greatly increase productivity of existing and new employees.

McDonald’s HR department has created a series of employee training videos called “McDonald’s My Learning” featuring instructional videos for staff members on diverse topics including food safety, customer service, and leadership.

Company culture videos

Company culture videos are effective because they help to showcase the organization’s culture and values, which can help attract and retain top talent. These HR videos allow employers to capture what makes their company truly unique and showcase why it is an exceptional place to work.

A well-made company culture video can also help create a more personalized candidate experience as it gives an insight into the day-to-day activities of employees and encourages them to become part of the team. As a result, company culture videos can be key in helping businesses identify, attract, and retain talented individuals who share similar goals and objectives with the organization.

An example of a company that effectively utilizes company culture videos is Pixar. The “Inside Pixar” video from Pixar Animation Studios tells the story of the company’s unique culture and approach to creativity. The video features interviews with Pixar employees, showcases the company’s creative process, from concept art to animation, and provides a glimpse into the company’s iconic headquarters in Emeryville, California.

Customer testimonial videos

Customer testimonial videos are effective because they offer an authentic and relatable perspective on the company’s products or services to new employees. These HR videos can even act as motivation for new hires, as they provide an opportunity to show potential colleagues what it means to work in a certain role within the company.

Slack’s “So Yeah, We Tried Slack …” video is a profound example of how to effectively use customer testimonial videos! This video features testimonials of Slack users who explain why they love using the Slack app.

Benefits videos

Benefits videos are effective because they help employees understand the company’s benefits and perks. They not only allow HR teams to highlight the key features and advantages that come with an employee benefits package but also enable HR personnel to explain how each perk works in detail – something that is notoriously difficult using written resources alone.

Understanding the nuances of a company’s benefits can be confusing for employees, making these HR videos vital in helping employees better understand the full value of their package. Through short video clips, HR teams can guide employees through different cost savings options that may come with each benefit, breaking down complex benefits programs into simpler terms.

Here’s an example of a benefits video by Google. Their video series “Google benefits” explain the various perks available to Google employees.

Meet the team members or welcome video

Unique video ideas for human resources teams - Record a meet the team members video

Having an engaging video introducing team members to new employees is a great way to start the onboarding process.

Through this welcome video, a new team member can have an insight into different roles, areas of expertise, and personalities of the team they’ll be working with. This gives them a better idea of their place within the organization and helps create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and open to collaborating right away. Meet the team members video can ensure that new hires are better connected, with little or no friction as soon as they join.

Career development videos

HR video ideas for human resources teams - Record career development videos to provide all the answers

Investing in career development videos for employees can be an invaluable tool to ensure their knowledge and understanding of the various opportunities available within your organization. These HR videos can include a breakdown of job roles, details about training programs, and information about how each role fits into the overall business structure of the company.

Additionally, these videos allow employees to engage with the topics in a more engaging way. Career development videos can help take away some of the stress of paperwork and provide more hands-on access to information regarding career development opportunities.

Here’s an example of a career development video from Amazon that highlights the company’s Career Choice program, which provides employees with the opportunity to gain new skills and advance their careers. The video is showcasing Amazon’s commitment to employee growth and development, and for inspiring employees to take advantage of the company’s career development opportunities.

Health and safety videos

HR video ideas for human resources teams - Record career development videos to provide all the answers for human resources teams - Record health and safety videos

The power of safety and health videos cannot be overstated. These videos can effectively educate employees on health and safety regulations and can help create a culture of safety within the workplace. By leveraging the power of video to simplify complex information, HR managers can effectively communicate all the details about the health and safety protocols and engage employees.

Employee appreciation videos

Employee appreciation videos are an effective way to show appreciation for employees. It’s an opportunity to remind employees that their hard work and contributions are noticed, further engendering a culture of collaboration and positivity in the workplace. Employee appreciation videos should be integrated into HR operations so that it becomes part of the company culture rather than just a one-off gesture in calendar year.

Company history videos

Company history videos allow employees to become familiar with the company’s origins and heritage. These videos provide insight into the company’s background, mission, and core values. By introducing employees to key milestones in the company’s past, these videos can help cultivate a sense of loyalty among team members. As a result, company history videos play an integral role in fostering employee motivation and pride by telling a story of success that everyone can be proud of.

“The Story of Air Max: 90 to 2090” by Nike is an excellent example of a company history video.

Company vision videos

Company vision videos are incredibly influential in that they communicate the company’s ambitions and purpose to employees. By making these videos a part of HR department training and communications activities, they allow employees to truly understand the company’s long-term goals, direction, and core values.

Company vision videos also create a sense of unity as everyone in the company is on the same page, which can help boost team morale and productivity. Additionally, these videos can be used to welcome new team members, introduce them to the company culture and invite them to continue with their progress toward the company’s unbending vision.

Here’s an excellent example of a company vision video by Nike “Circularity: Guiding the Future of Design”.

Video announcements for the holidays

Hosting a successful company holiday event can be rather challenging. That’s why it’s important to use video to provide people with all of the important details they need in an easily accessible format. Video is an effective and engaging medium that allows you to quickly get your message across, and can help ensure everyone is aware of any important information. Not only does video present an immersive experience, but it also leaves a lasting impression on its viewers and increase employee satisfaction.

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how to create a presentation video in 2 steps

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