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Attract Top Talent With These 10 Recruitment Video Ideas in 2023

Written by Lidia Vijga
Attract Top Talent With These 10 Recruitment Video Ideas in 2023

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What is a recruitment video?

A recruitment video is a promotional content type created by HR departments to attract potential candidates. They often feature employee testimonials and showcase the company’s culture, work environment, and job opportunities. Recruitment videos are posted on the company’s website, job postings sites and social media.

The most persuasive company recruitment videos that have the highest success rate are ones that inspire potential candidates or put a smile on their faces. Whether it’s through bringing to life your company culture, mission, and company’s core values or making them smile, a recruiting video can be used to showcase real people and the positive atmosphere within the workplace.

Video job postings

According to the whitepaper by CareerBuilder, adding recruitment video content to job postings or a recruitment ad not only increases the number of views by 12%. Not only that but video increases the application rate by 34% on average!

Why you should avoid creating a generic recruitment video

Traditional recruitment video fails to speaks directly to highly qualified job seekers

While generic recruitment video content may appear to be cost-effective, in the long run, they can do more harm than good. A traditional recruitment video may portray a business in such a way, that prospective employees may not see the distinct company culture and identity of the organization. This can lead to mismatched expectations between the employer and new employees which can result in a high turnover rate and a low probability of attracting high-quality job candidates.

So many recruitment videos fall flat and fail to engage because they lack creativity and authenticity. They frequently employ tired themes and dull images that fail to engage viewers.

When it comes to attracting and retaining top employees, well-thought-out and unique recruitment videos can make a strong impact

How long should a recruitment video be?

The best recruitment videos is a short video

When crafting a recruitment video, the perfect length depends on its target audience and intention. In most cases, however, it is highly advisable to keep the recruitment video between one to three minutes short.

These days attention is scarce and time more so, speedily conveying your message becomes paramount. The length of recruitment video should be long enough to convey the necessary information, but short enough to hold the potential candidates attention and motivate them to apply for job openings.

If you have a longer recruitment video, you can have 3 versions of the video:

  1. Full-length recruitment video
  2. Short video teaser
  3. Short version of the recruitment video

This approach will also give your HR team more video content to share on social media and job postings websites.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the top 10 recruitment video ideas to attract top talent in 2023:

'Funny sketch' recruiting video

The best recruitment videos is an entertaining video

Creating lighthearted and funny recruitment video content that provides prospective candidates with a glimpse into the company culture and values can be an effective way of attracting top job candidates.

This funny recruitment video can feature employees participating in engaging challenges and fun activities, highlighting the benefits of working at the company. This recruitment video doesn’t have to be serious to get the message across. By injecting some humor, it can still communicate the same core ideas while keeping recruitment fun.

Here’s a script that your HR team can use to create a humorous recruitment video:

The video starts with a hiring manager interviewing a potential candidate. The manager asks the typical interview questions, but the responses from the candidate are unexpected and funny. For example, when asked about their teamwork experience, the candidate replies that they had once worked with a bunch of cats to capture a mouse.

As the interview progresses, the interviewer is becoming more and more frustrated with the candidate’s off-the-wall replies but as time passes, it becomes evident that what this company really seeks is someone who not only has a sense of humor but also a creative approach to problem-solving!

To demonstrate the engaging company culture and values, why not create a follow-up video that showcases that? Picture this: The new employee is seen working on a project with their team. Instead of conventional desks and chairs, they’re all seated in fun beanbag chairs with silly hats on! In the video, we see the new employee and the team enjoying themselves and embracing their creativity.

To close the video, a motivating message invites viewers to apply and become part of this fun, collaborative, and creative company culture.

A humorous sketch-style recruiting video will ensure your job listings are remembered and stand out from the rest!

'Behind-the-scenes' recruitment video

The best recruitment videos showcase behind the scenes and company's values

Behind-the-scenes recruitment videos provide an effective way for companies to showcase what goes on behind the scenes and give job seekers real insight into the prospective roles and can provide an accurate picture of day-to-day operations.

These recruitment videos are simple to produce yet they provide an effective way to engage top prospective candidates.

Here’s a video script that your HR team can use or get inspired by to record a great behind-the-scenes recruitment video:

As the video begins, viewers are invited on a behind-the-scenes tour of this company’s office and facilities. Through concise explanations from an enthusiastic narrator, they learn about different departments and get to know some of the team members. The camera follows a few employees throughout their day, displaying the various tasks they do and how well they work together as a team.

As an example, a video can show a marketing team in full swing discussing and collaborating to develop the next big advertising campaign. It could also show a salesperson on the phone with a client closing a large deal.

Your behind-the-scenes recruitment video may also highlight some of the company’s unique perks and benefits. It may, for example, show the company’s game room or lounge space, where staff can unwind and recover during breaks. Your recruitment video can also feature some of the company’s social events, like holiday parties and team-building activities.

This recruitment video should highlight what makes the company stand out, and give job candidates a first-hand view of the company values and culture – making it easier to attract top talent from around the world!

'Talent show' recruiting video

Talent show recruitment videos are one of the best recruitment videos

To attract top talent, HR departments need to think outside of the box. One way to do that is to highlight their employees’ talents in a fun and show-like format. Consider creating recruitment videos that feature their current employees’ skills and talents.

‘Talent show’ recruitment videos can give job seekers an inside look into the company culture and its people in action. By highlighting employees’ talents in fun and entertaining video interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more, recruitment videos can be an extremely effective tool for companies seeking to attract potential applicants.

Here’s a template that your HR team can use to create a video’s script, organize and record a ‘Talent show’ recruitment video:

The video begins with a group of employees in the boardroom, decked out in outlandish (or not-so-outlandish) costumes and prepared to show their talents. The moderator of the talent show introduces each performance and offers some lighthearted commentaries throughout.

Performances can range from singing to dancing, and comedy, to magic tricks BUT with a funny twist! For instance, a person can take classic songs up a notch by performing karaoke versions featuring their own humorous lyrics that poke fun at their job. Or perform the song with intentionally bad singing and exaggerated dance moves. While another employee could amuse the crowd by performing a funny magic trick that will have everyone in stitches.

Additionally, one employee might do a skit making fun of quirky traditions or inside jokes that only people within the company understand, further exemplifying the unique and fun atmosphere in the workplace.

With an entertaining ‘talent show’ recruitment video, HR departments can effectively communicate the company culture and values, as well as showcase the skills and talents of its employees in an entertaining manner.

Give your job postings a unique edge with an exciting ‘Talent Show’ recruiting video!

'Day in the Life of a CXO' recruitment video

Day in life of a CXO are one of the best recruitment videos

Creating recruitment video content that highlights the life of a CXO can be an effective way for HR professionals to engage and attract top talent.

This recruitment video should illuminate what it looks like to work in the top leadership roles at the company. From meetings with industry professionals, decision-making responsibilities, and studying industry trends, prospective candidates can see exactly what the workday of a CXO looks like, sparking their curiosity and wanting to learn more.

Here’s a video script that HR professionals can use to record a great video:

The video highlights CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), let’s call him John, as he begins his day by waking up early and preparing for the day ahead. We follow along as he drives to work before entering the office.

John’s day-to-day activities will be portrayed in the video to demonstrate his role as CRO, featuring tasks such as analyzing sales figures and metrics and brainstorming revenue strategies with his team to ensure that the company is staying on track.

The video can also include conversations with employees and customers, highlighting their experience working with John. Illuminating the challenges and rewards of being a CRO, this video follows John throughout his day.

The ‘Day in the Life of a CRO’ recruitment video finishes with an uplifting message that encourages prospective candidates to join the company. The video provides a realistic and engaging glimpse into the life of a CRO, while also inspiring job candidates to imagine themselves working with the CRO.

'Parody' recruiting video

Parody recruitment videos are one of the best recruitment videos to attract job candidates

Creating a recruitment video with a twist, such as utilizing parody elements, can help your company to stand out from the pack and attract top talent.

These videos offer an opportunity to connect with potential applicants on a human level and emphasize company’s core values, in an entertaining way, which can help raise awareness about the organization.

Here’s a template that your HR team can use to organize and record a parody recruitment video:

The video begins with a funny recreation of a movie or TV show, like “Game of Thrones” or “The Office”. The company’s employees are featured as the characters in these parodies – where their CRO is portrayed as a clumsy yet well-intentioned boss, while the sales team may engage in comical antics as they attempt to close deals.

As the video progresses, it begins to take a more ‘serious tone’. The employees address the camera and discuss their company’s culture, beliefs, and goals while staying in character.

Ideally, this recruitment video would blend comedic elements with more serious messaging, creating an enjoyable experience while also educating potential applicants on the company’s values.

Creating a ‘Parody video’ for recruitment can provide a unique and memorable glimpse into the company culture, while also conveying important information about the roles and opportunities available.

A ‘Parody’ recruiting video will ensure that your job listings make a lasting impression on prospective employees.

'Virtual reality (VR)' recruitment video

Virtual reality recruitment videos can be one of the best recruitment videos

To make recruitment videos stand out from the competition, HR teams can capitalize on the latest technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR).

These recruitment videos can show prospective candidates what it is really like to work at your company and allow them to experience the work environment in a more immersive way.

VR can give potential candidates an insight into how their experience as an employee may be, providing them with a more vivid idea of the atmosphere and expectations than any static recruitment brochure.

Here’s a script that your HR team can use to record a great video:

The VR experience begins by bringing the viewer to the company office in the middle of the day. The observer may have a look around and get a sense of what it might be like to work there.

As the viewer explores the virtual environment, they encounter different employees from different departments who provide information about the company values, mission, and growth opportunities. For example, the viewer might encounter a member of the environmental team and learn about company’s sustainability initiatives.

A ‘Virtual Reality’ recruitment video is a highly engaging way to provide a captivating and immersive journey for job candidates helping the HR department impress top talent.

'Company sports team' recruiting video

Company sports team recruitment videos can be one of the best recruitment videos

Creating recruitment video content that showcases the company’s sports team not only allows potential talent to get a glimpse into life in the company but also highlights the camaraderie between employees outside of the workspace.

This recruitment video can include interviews with employees, and footage from recent games and events. Company sports team videos can attract prospective talent who are looking for an engaging workplace focused on team building and healthy competition.

A ‘Company sports team’ recruitment video will help your job postings stand out from the competition and elevate your hiring process with a dynamic and engaging video that brings your company to life!

'Inclusive work environment' recruitment video

Inclusive work environment recruitment video is one of the best recruitment videos

When it comes to recruitment, first impressions matter. A recruitment video is a great opportunity for HR departments to showcase an organization’s commitment to creating an inclusive work environment.

Companies can demonstrate how they actively work to support and celebrate all of their employees. These recruitment videos act as a great way of attracting and retaining top talent who value an environment that will treat everyone fairly, respectfully, and equally.

With the ‘Inclusive work environment’ recruitment video, your company can set the tone for welcoming employees from all backgrounds by emphasizing the importance of embracing one another’s differences.

Your HR team can follow this template to map out your video’s script for the ‘Inclusive work environment’ recruitment video:

The video starts with glimpses of employees from diverse backgrounds and identities working together in a dynamic office setting. They are seen actively engaging in activities like project collaboration, conversations at coffee breaks, and participating in company events.

Then the video highlights employee interviews in which they discuss how the organization supports diversity and inclusion and develops a welcoming and supportive environment for employees of all backgrounds. They discuss the organization’s diversity strategies and programs.

The video then highlights how the company encourages a culture of inclusion on an everyday basis.

The video concludes with an inspiring call to action for those interested in a workplace that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, urging them to join a team where everyone’s voice matters and be part of this amazing commitment towards creating an open and supportive environment.

'Sustainability and Social Responsibility' recruiting video

Sustainability and Social Responsibility recruitment videos are one of the most effective company recruitment videos

By creating a ‘Sustainability and Social Responsibility’ recruitment video, Human Resources departments can actively showcase their company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

This video could feature authentic stories of how the organization is positively contributing to social causes and preserving nature’s resources with sustainable operations. This can encourage innovative and skilled professionals to join the company, become engaged in its operations, and build towards growing a better future.

Here’s a script that your Human Resources team can use to record a ‘Sustainability and Social Responsibility’ recruitment video:

The video opens by showcasing the employees engaging in eco-friendly activities like composting, recycling, and using environmentally friendly products. Then the video highlights employee interviews discussing their company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The employees highlight their company’s efforts to be more eco-friendly, such as incorporating renewable energy sources into their operations, decreasing waste production, and championing sustainable transportation. Furthermore, they talk about the company’s involvement in social awareness initiatives like helping local charities and community volunteering.

Then the video can show how the company integrates sustainability and social responsibility into its goods or services. For example, it can showcase a product that is made from eco-friendly materials or services designed to help customers reduce their environmental footprint.

‘Sustainability and Social Responsibility’ recruiting videos can demonstrate the company’s dedication to environmental and social issues. These videos appeal to job candidates that want to make a difference in the world.

'Health and wellness' recruitment video

Health and wellness recruitment video is a great recruitment video type

HR departments can create recruitment videos that focus on the company’s ‘Health and Wellness’ initiatives to give prospective candidates insight into how their own physical and mental well-being would be supported if they joined the company.

This recruitment video could detail the various ways the organization promotes employee health and wellness, such as providing access to mental health support, access to on site gym, or providing healthy food options in the cafeteria. A recruitment video like that can appeal to top job candidates that is looking for a workplace that understands their needs and encourages them to keep striving for better health.

Your HR team can follow this short video script to record a ‘Health and wellness’ recruitment video:

The video kicks off with footage of workers participating in fitness sessions and mindfulness workshops. Then it transitions to employee testimonials that talk about the company’s commitment to the health and well-being of the employees, such as providing medical insurance, on site gym, and promoting taking regular breaks throughout the day. They also illustrate how management is dedicated to fostering a work-life balance culture at the company.

This recruitment video appeals to well-being-conscious job seekers who wish to join a company that truly cares about their physical and mental health.

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