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Video Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits to Drive Donations in 2023

Video fundraising ideas for nonprofits to drive donations in 2023

Maximizing donor engagement is the key to a successful fundraising campaign for every nonprofit organization or charity. That’s why nonprofits have traditionally strived to develop meaningful relationships with donors that go beyond monetary exchanges. In recent years, video fundraising campaigns have grown in popularity as one of the best ways to engage donors and drive donations.

"Video helps in making the presentations for fundraising feel more personal. It adds a special touch that shows the viewer that behind the company we really are just people who care about our mission."

Through inspirational stories of those helped by the organization and showing the impact donations have on real people, viewers are not just donating money to a charity – they become emotionally invested in community building and social causes.

"Video is effective in big-gift fundraising as well. By using video to send greetings, request meetings, make invitations, and share impact, frontline fundraisers build the know-like-trust factor with donors quickly. A short, custom video for a donor improves the chances that a donor will understand how they can make a positive impact."

Here’s a list of fundraising videos that every nonprofit organization should consider creating to maximize engagement and increase donations in 2023:

Fundraising video #1
The video mission statement for a nonprofit

Creating a mission video is essential for nonprofit organizations and charities that want to connect with prospective donors. A mission statement video is a type of fundraising video that gives potential donors a chance to become more familiar with the charity’s mission and inspire them to contribute.

Sharing a mission video is a powerful way for charities to leverage video storytelling and reach more people with their cause. To create a fundraising video that will be truly impactful, the organization should interview those team members who understand and are most passionate about the nonprofit’s mission. By tapping into their enthusiasm and knowledge, nonprofit or charity can craft a compelling mission video to maximize donor engagement.

Additionally, to make this fundraising video more impactful it’s highly recommended to include those who got positively affected by the nonprofit organization. These people can provide first-hand insight as to how the non-profit has made or is making a difference in their lives.

Making a mission easily accessible ensures that prospective donors stay engaged and understand how their donations will be used. Additionally, producing a mission-focused fundraising video also has long-term effects as it helps to attract new donors, motivates existing supporters, and can help boost morale among volunteers and staff.

The main purpose of the mission statement video is not only to inform but also to inspire action. With an effective mission video, nonprofits and charities can significantly increase donations and have a bigger impact in achieving their goals.

Here are the main benefits of creating a mission video for a nonprofit organization or charity:

Mission video can help articulate the organization's purpose and values

Crafting a mission video is an excellent way to share your organization’s mission with others. You can create a deeper connection with viewers who are curious about what it is that you do by articulating the goals and objectives of your non-profit or charity. Not only will this help raise awareness of your cause, but it also serves as motivation for those people involved in supporting the organization’s purpose and values.

Mission statement video can help encourage support

By creating a mission video, you can showcase your organization’s impact and motivate viewers to make donations or become volunteers. These fundraising videos give nonprofits an effective tool to raise funds while informing potential supporters about how they can get involved in making a difference.

Mission video can give a sense of purpose

By viewing an engaging mission video, viewers can get inspired to make a difference and support the organization in its quest. This fundraising video can offer viewers a greater understanding of how their involvement could result in a positive impact on someone’s life or society.

Organization's impact can be displayed in a mission video

Capturing real people and their stories in a mission video can be an incredibly impactful way to display the work of your nonprofit organization or charity. It can help build urgency, motivate viewers to act, and encourage others to join your organization on your mission!

Mission video can help create a human connection

A mission video can create an intimate bond between the viewer and the non-profit or charity by showing people involved in their mission. In turn, this can foster genuine compassion toward the cause and the people behind it, leading to powerful emotional connections with potential and existing donors and volunteers.

"Donors like to know that they have "their person" at the nonprofits they support. When a fundraiser uses video as a channel for connection, this deepens the relationship. Donors see a living, breathing human who cares about them and their philanthropic vision."

Mission video can help spread awareness on social media

A well-done mission video can greatly boost the visibility of nonprofits and charities and their accomplishments. By sharing these fundraising videos on social media platforms, they can make their message heard and bring support even from the most distant corners of the world, creating increased awareness for their cause and mission!

"The team at Yeeboo Digital has seen videos as a powerful way to drive top of the funnel, especially for brand awareness and engagement campaigns. A video is an excellent tool to capture new audiences and to try new placements and channels."

Fundraising video #2
Nonprofit Call-to-Action video

A well-crafted Call-to-Action video can be the most effective way to captivate viewers with an emotional narrative and drive donations.

To create an effective Call-to-Action video, the first step is to identify the goal of the campaign. What is the non-profit hoping to achieve? Are they asking viewers to make a financial contribution? Are they looking to attract volunteers? Are they looking for help spreading knowledge about your cause through sharing posts or videos with others? After defining the purpose of your “Ask” video, you should craft visuals and messaging that support your objective.

This fundraising video should have a clear Call-to-Action, and straightforward and focus on emotional storytelling. The viewer should understand exactly what action they can take to support the cause. Whether it’s donating online, attending a fundraising event or virtual event, or sharing a mission video with friends. Also, don’t forget to highlight the impact of their actions. This will ensure that the viewers feel that their contributions will make a difference.

Here are the main benefits of recording a Call-to-Action video for a nonprofit organization or charity:

Call-to-Action video provides a clear next step

A Call-to-Action video can provide clear and specific instructions on how people or organizations can get involved. Many nonprofits make the mistake of providing unclear instructions to their audience making it difficult for people to take action.

"By using video, a fundraiser is more likely to inspire a donor to click a link to schedule a meeting, make a gift, or learn about the impact of philanthropy."

Call-to-Action video can create a sense of urgency

A well-crafted fundraising video can create a sense of urgency, making prospective donors or volunteers feel that they need to act quickly to make a difference. This can be especially effective in response to events like natural disasters.

Call-to-Action video can encourage action

Call-to-action video can drive people and organizations to get involved. By clearly outlining a specific call to action, like “make a donation” or “sign up to volunteer” these videos can encourage viewers to take action.

"In the retail world, buyers appreciate videos that offer a preview of how the product works, and what to expect after payment. So, in the fundraising world, consider something similar. Tell people their donation is handled by XYZ processing, and it’s secure. Tell people their information is private. Tell people when they’ll receive their confirmations. Tell people a few examples of what impact they will have. Give them a preview by showing them images of impact. This helps them imagine their involvement more clearly, just like how retailers show someone wearing new shoes or using new software."

Fundraising video #3
A "Talking head" video

All nonprofits and charities can benefit from creating a “talking head” fundraising video to reach out to their potential supporters and donors. It is by far one of the fastest and easiest ways to generate effective content, as anyone can make one with just the recording device of their choice.

In a “talking head” video, a person looks directly at the camera and speaks about the organization, and its mission or shares a relevant and compelling story. It has proven to be extremely effective in delivering ideas and capturing attention which, in turn, amplifies the nonprofit’s message among its intended demographic.

"Something I always tell clients is "if you've ever convinced someone in a meeting, taught a workshop, or presented at a conference, you have clear human-to-human communication skills. Your voice and body language makes up the majority of communication. Videos retain most of that. Don't let text-only slow down or obscure your message."

Here are the main benefits of recording ‘talking head’ videos for nonprofits and charities:

"Talking head" video puts a human face on a nonprofit organization

A “Talking head” fundraising video is an ideal way to approach prospective donors and supporters, providing them with the opportunity to connect with the non-profit or charity in a more personal way. It’s not just about building brand recognition – it’s about creating meaningful relationships that can make your organization more relatable and credible.

"Talking head" video makes it easier to deliver the message

Nonprofit organizations and charities can benefit greatly from using “talking head” fundraising videos to communicate their mission and message, which may be difficult to explain in text. Videos can provide these organizations with the opportunity to share information in a more compelling way.

"Talking head" video can help engage donors with a compelling story

Compared to traditional printed materials or emails, videos can be exceptionally captivating for viewers. A well-done “talking head” video has the potential to draw in donors and supporters alike, thereby strengthening their engagement with a nonprofit organization or charity.

"Talking head" video helps build trust with donors and volunteers

Seeing representatives of a nonprofit organization that speak directly to the audience in a fundraising video can help build trust with the potential volunteers and donors, as it provides a more personal connection than static materials and brochures.

"Transparency in videos is one of the main factors in building trust among viewers. Transparency comes from seeing others that are like us and relatable in the way we make mistakes while talking, smile, work in similar environments, and many other social factors (see Perceived Authenticity through Short Video)."

"Talking head" video makes it easier to reach new audiences on social media

“Talking head” fundraising videos offer a great opportunity for nonprofits and charities to reach new audiences than what could be achieved through traditional promotional materials.

By sharing these videos on social media, the message of the charity or non-profit can quickly spread to potential donors and volunteers, creating an effective way to raise awareness and increase support. These videos allow nonprofits to present important information in a short amount of time with minimal effort required from them, making this an ideal way to effectively spread awareness.

"Talking head" video can show organization's impact and drive donations

Producing an engaging “talking head” video is a great way to raise awareness of an organization’s goals and accomplishments. By showing viewers the organization’s impact and featuring stories of individuals or communities that received help from the organization, potential supporters can grasp the significance of donations made. A great “talking head” video doesn’t just highlight facts, it draws viewers in by lifting them up with a moving and compelling story about the important work being done and why it matters.

A well-crafted “talking head” video can serve as a visual Call-to-Action and inspire donors to take action and get people involved while providing an engaging avenue to onboard new volunteers.

For example, a nonprofit might share personal stories from people impacted by their service, which makes a more meaningful connection to viewers than seeing plain statistics would. In this way, this type of fundraising video that features people can create a human connection between organizations and their audiences and inspire them to take action.

Fundraising video #4
Behind-the-Scenes fundraising videos

Nonprofits are continually trying to deepen engagement and raise more money for their cause that’s why making compelling content production is a must. A great way to engage your donors is by providing them with an exclusive view of the organization through behind-the-scenes fundraising videos. These types of videos can provide existing and potential supporters with insight into how hard everyone works as well as shed light on how the organization’s impact on someone’s life or society.

"A behind-the-scenes video of an event can be very effective, especially for the people who wanted to attend but had a conflict. Another example is a short video of someone accepting an award. Capturing that authentic moment of celebration is priceless and gives the recipient of the video a second-hand dopamine boost."

These are the main benefits of using behind-the-scenes fundraising videos for a nonprofit organization or charity:

Behind-the-scenes videos can help increase engagement

Nonprofits have an incredible opportunity to use video to deepen engagement and build interest in their cause. Taking viewers behind the scenes of events or award ceremonies can help create an intimate bond with them.

Inviting potential and existing donors and supporters into the inner workings of a fundraising event or ceremony reveals how passionate and committed those involved are in making a difference, boosting support for its mission. This can help to build a stronger emotional connection with potential supporters and motivate them to get involved, whether by donating or sharing the video with their networks.

Nonprofit video can help reach new audiences through social media

Bringing those unable to join in person closer than ever before, sharing a behind-the-scenes video of a virtual event or fundraising event on social media is a great way to connect with distant supporters and let them show their support for the cause. While some may be limited by distance or other obligations, behind-the-scenes videos give everyone a place at the table!

Behind-the-scenes videos show transparency

Creating a behind-the-scenes video is a powerful way for non-profits to demonstrate openness and trustworthiness. This type of video gives potential supporters an inside look into their mission, operations, and progress.

These types of fundraising videos also helps create empathy and build genuine connections – prospective donors can get to know the people behind the organization, understand why their work is so important, and experience the immediate impact of their donations. By showing the heart of their efforts, nonprofits can make meaningful connections that inspire long-term support and loyalty.

Behind-the-scenes videos provide a unique perspective

Nonprofit video can be used for a fundraising campaign

Making a behind-the-scenes fundraising video can provide nonprofit donors with a unique perspective into the organization, exposing them to work that goes off-stage – literally – that they may not have seen otherwise.

This method can assist establish ties between the organization and its supporters, connecting them on a deeper level and providing them with a more comprehensive picture of what you do and how their donations are making an effect.

"A fun way to use video is during a day of giving. An individual fundraiser can send real-time updates to donors - everyone loves a "behind the scenes" and video is a great way to show...not tell...what's going on!"

Behind-the-scenes videos can help create emotional connection with new audiences

Sharing a behind-the-scenes video for your nonprofit is an excellent way to invite viewers into the world of your movement, conveying the organization’s impact and eliciting emotion.

By capturing authentic moments in your fundraising video, you create an emotional connection with viewers that may inspire them to get involved or donate. As the video allows viewers a glimpse at times of success, gratitude, and joyous celebration, they can more easily experience a sense of pride in the mission of your nonprofit and make their own positive impact on the world.

Nonprofit videos can showcase impact

Nonprofit organizations have an extraordinary opportunity through behind-the-scenes videos to showcase the positive effects of their work and spur donors and volunteers into action. Seeing the tangible evidence of the difference the organization is making can be extremely motivating for people, and provides nonprofits with an effective way to showcase their unique mission and explain how donors’ contributions make a real difference.

Behind-the-scenes videos are inexpensive to produce

Crafting a captivating behind-the-scenes video can be an economically savvy way of connecting with possible donors and volunteers. Unlike traditional fundraising videos, which are costly to create and necessitate plenty of resources, creating such a video is normally more budget-friendly and it can be shared on multiple platforms at once. This means that a non-profit can reach more people without spending as much money, making it a smart and effective fundraising strategy.

Behind-the-scenes videos can help differentiate your nonprofit from other nonprofits

Crafting behind-the-scenes fundraising videos is a compelling way for nonprofits to capture the attention of donors and volunteers. This approach allows organizations to authentically display their mission in an engaging and memorable way.

Emphasizing the accomplishments of staff and volunteers, as well as sharing stories from those who have been directly aided by the nonprofit organization’s work, will help differentiate your nonprofit from other organizations. Donors appreciate feeling connected to an organization, so giving them an intimate look into the work being done is sure to build stronger relationships with them.

Fundraising video #5
"Thank you" video for donors

Nonprofits and charities play a vital role in helping those in need and making the world a better place. When someone takes the time to support your mission they deserve acknowledgment and recognition. One way nonprofits can acknowledge and appreciate donors, their workers and volunteers is to record and share a thank you video.

A donor thank you video is short video message in which a charity or nonprofit organization and their members can directly thank people who have helped them succeed in their purpose. Showing these individuals how much their donations are valued can help establish a stronger bond between the nonprofit organization and its supporters, resulting in increased levels of engagement and loyalty.

Thanking donors shortly after they contributed to your cause demonstrates your appreciation and helps build a strong foundation of trust. Thank you video for donors can demonstrate that each donor is just as important to you as those people involved directly in the cause. Showing gratitude will make your supporters feel valued and may encourage them to contribute again in the future.

Here are the main benefits of recording and sharing appreciation or thank you video for donors:

Express appreciation and gratitude with a "thank you" video

A donor thank you video is one of the best ways for a nonprofit organization or charity to show their gratitude to donors, volunteers, and supporters. Sharing a thank you video for donors can make them feel appreciated and valued, which can encourage them to continue their support.

"Thank you" video can help spread awareness on social media

Whether you are a non-profit or charity, creating and sharing a thank you video is an incredible way to spread the word about your mission across many social media platforms and help build relationships with existing and potential donors.

"Thank you" video helps build trust and relationships with donors

Expressing gratitude through a donor thank you video is one of the most effective ways to build and strengthen relationships between a nonprofit organization or charity and its supporters. As donors and volunteers become acknowledged, they are more likely to remain dedicated supporters of the organization or even become champions of it!

"Thank you" video shows real people behind the nonprofit or charity

Expressing gratitude through a donor thank you video can help to humanize nonprofits and connect supporters to the people involved in the mission. By displaying the impact of their donations, an emotional bond will be formed between them and the cause they are supporting.

"Thank you" video can help encourage repeat donations

A thank you video for donors can not only show appreciation for donors but also foster a sense of satisfaction that their contributions matter. When people experience this level of gratitude, they are more likely to donate again in the future. Therefore, expressing thanks is an effective way to ensure ongoing support from generous individuals and organizations.

"Thank you" video displays accountability

By sharing a thank you video publicly, nonprofits and charities have the opportunity to create trustworthiness with their donors and supporters. It exemplifies that they are appreciative of the donations and support that they have received. Expressing their gratitude publicly allows them to be forthright, transparent, and accountable.

Fundraising video #6
Client and donor testimonials

Most nonprofits and charities often face challenging times when it comes to maintaining fundraising momentum. Creating a short video testimonial or extended client testimonial video allows the organization to reach out to its loyal supporters and thank them for their dedication, whilst at the same time inspiring viewers to continue supporting your nonprofit organization.

"Yeeboo Digital has seen clients use video testimonials as a powerful method of social proof for the value of the work the organization is providing. Video from Friends of Land Use Planning (FLUP) has testimonials featuring Inuit people living on the land and what the land means to them. Testimonials such as these show the impact of FLUP’s work that help to convey the mission’s importance more effectively to their audience."

Video captivates audiences in a way that other forms of media cannot. Video testimonials provide a unique opportunity for an organization to convey the passion and value of the cause and make the audience feel connected in an uplifting way. A well-done video testimonial from a real client or supporter could make a striking impression on potential donors and supporters.

Video testimonials show the impact of your work that can help convey the mission’s importance more effectively.

Recording video testimonials is a simple and inexpensive way for a non-profit or charity to create compelling video content. Producing these fundraising videos doesn’t require any expensive camera equipment, most modern phones will do the job. You can also use Proofpact to collect video testimonials.

Donors, volunteers, and other advocates of your cause will be delighted to see the impact you are making on those around you directly from clients or supporters themselves. Putting some effort into recording video testimonials is certainly worth considering as part of your fundraising process.

"Social proof for nonprofits starts with a community's voice. This means being inclusive of their voice in your nonprofit's marketing efforts and can start with just one story. Authentic video testimonials from supporters are great ways to be inclusive of your community's voice and build trust with potential donors and new supporters. User-generated videos can supplement your mission videos and are more authentic and relatable. This builds a groundswell of community involvement."

Here are the main benefits of recording an extended client testimonial video for a nonprofit organization or charity:

Testimonial video can help connect with new audiences on a human level

Video testimonials tell personal stories that can help create an emotional connection with the viewers. People are more likely to support the cause when they feel connected to the nonprofit organization or charity and its mission.

Nonprofit videos can be used to gather feedback

An extended client testimonial video can also provide valuable feedback for nonprofits and charities. These organizations can gain insights into what is working well and what could be improved by hearing directly from the people they help.

Video testimonials can help encourage donations with a compelling story

Testimonial videos can be used as part of a fundraising campaign to encourage donations. When people see the impact that their donation can have, they are more likely to support your mission.

Nonprofit videos can help build credibility

Testimonial videos can help nonprofits provide social proof and demonstrate the impact that their organization is having in the community. Seeing and hearing real people share their stories and experiences can help build trust and credibility with potential supporters and donors.

Nonprofit videos help raise awareness on social media platforms

Video testimonials can help nonprofits and charities raise awareness about their mission. By sharing these fundraising videos on social media, nonprofits can expand their reach and target wider audiences to attract more donors and bring in new volunteers.

Video testimonials show transparency

Nonprofits and charities that are transparent about their impact and the work they do are viewed more favorably by potential supporters. An extended client testimonial video can help to demonstrate this transparency by showing real people and real stories.

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