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Whether you are sending sales presentations, sharing updates, or fundraising, DeckLinks empowers you and your team to maintain human connection in a Remote-first World.

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Use cases

Personalize client experience and share interactive sales presentations. Identify your most engaged prospects.
Strategically prepare for upcoming meetings.

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B2B Sales
Identify engaged prospects and the right decision makers. Start more conversations with relevant follow-ups built on actionable insights and shorten sales cycle.
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Media Sales
Ensure every stakeholder always has access to the latest version of the media plan and collateral. Visualize even the most complex campaigns with built-in media flowcharts.
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Share custom branded portals, capture emails and identify sales content that resonates. Ensure client facing teams always have access to the most effective sales content.
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Account Management
Strengthen relationships with your existing clients, keep them up-to-date on your offerings and expand average account size.
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Financial Services
Build trust with your clients by sharing personalized video presentations. Ensure your clients always have access to the most up-to-date information.
Share your mission and values with video narrations. Identify the most engaged donors and start conversations around topics they care about the most.
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Share your story with a video pitch. Control access to your investor deck. Strategically prepare for investor meetings.
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Professional Services
Share personalized proposals and business-critical documents with a single link. Close new clients faster.
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Training / Onboarding
Record training videos or webinars, attach any additional training materials and share in a single link. Track recipients engagement.

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